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2,3 Needle Feed-up-the-arm (All-rounder) VT1500

Yamato’s VT series satisfies various sewing requirements, which can help enhance productivity and reduce your costs.


  • User-friendly with wide applications on any thick and thin material – hemming, covering, binding (with optional parts)
  • Runs smoothly without any needle breakage/ skip stitching, resulting in perfect stitching and seaming
  • Pump oil collecting system prevents oil leakage
  • Stitch length can be easily adjusted
  • Spreader is located on the right side makes putting on / removing fabric easy, thus prevents the incidence of injury during operation
  • Independent needle guard offers quick response to change of material
  • Standard differential feed with “no wave” finish
  • External thread take-up makes supply of thread smooth
  • Wide cylinder length of 180mm makes loading / unloading of fabric easy
  • Low noise, little vibration guarantees long lasting durability
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Indication of Series
Ensure that you quote the specific serial number according to your customised preferences (see chart below)
VT1500 numbering

  1. Numbering on model
  2. Class number
  3. Sub class
  4. Top cover thread mechanism: 1=with top cover thread mechanism
  5. Needle distance (spacing between needles): 40=4.0mm, 48=4.8mm, 56=5.6mm, 64=6.4mm
  6. Shape of stitch plate tongue: M=standard
Model VT1513-34T VT1513-34K VT1500-44H VT1502
Application Covering, hemming, binding (with optional parts)
Needle Type UY128GAS

No. of Threads 4, 5 4
Needle Distance 3.2mm, 4.0mm, 4.8mm, 5.6mm, 6.4mm 6.4mm
Stitch Length 1.2 – 4mm 1 – 4mm
Differential Feed Adjustment Push Button
Differential Feed Ratio 1:0.8-1:2
Pressor Foot Lift Amount 9mm 7mm
Needle Bar Stroke 31.5mm  
Sewing Speed 4000r.p.m  

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