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1-needle, Top & Bottom-feed, Lockstitch Machine with Double-capacity Hook & Automatic Thread Trimmer DU-1281-7

The machine achieves a longer distance from machine arm to needle by adopting a high & long arm.


  • Thread trimmer achieves consistent thread trimming regardless of thickness of the thread, i.e., from thin to thick thread
  • Powerful top & bottom feed. Lift of pressor as high as 16mm, allowing sewing of heavy-weight materials
  • Adopts a rotary thread trimming mechanism which matches, in particular, design stitch with thick thread for furniture and bags
  • Automatic thread trimmer improves workability and increases productivity
  • Substantially decreases the consumption of thread compared to other sewing machines without thread trimmers
  • Knife pressure can be adjusted with the adjusting screw
  • Suitable for upholstery, car seats, sofas, bags, strollers and tents
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  • Auto-lifter [Part No. : 40151202]
  • LED light : LED backtack unit [Part No. : 40151203] Relay cable asm. [Part No. : 40151204] /
    Withdrawing device [Part No. : 40151205]

When you place an order, model number must be written as follow: DU12817

Additional information

Max. Sewing Speed

2000 stitches/min

Stitch length

2~8mm (forward/backward)

Presser Foot

By hand: 6mm By knee: 16mm

Alternating vertical movement



DP×17 #22 (#16~#23)





Lubrication Oil

MACHINE OIL No.18 (ISO VG18 equivalent)

Distance from needle to machine arm

335mm × 150mm

Pitch changing method

By dial

Needle bar stroke


Weight of the machine head


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