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2-3 Needle Cylinder Bed Interlock Stitch Machine – VC2700G-8 Class

Attain high-quality stitches of varying types while enjoying this interlock stitch sewing machine’s non-stain technology.


  • Less friction, less lubrication – high-tech mechanical parts reduces friction dramatically, so less lubrication is needed than conventional machines
  • Small and accurate amounts of oil are applied on parts that are necessary, thus reducing the risk of leakage
  • Special sealing technology prevents oil leakage
  • Easy maintenance
  • Active Thread Control – effectively controls the amount of thread for any desired seam
  • Achieves many kinds of seams – tight, loose, stretch, soft, neat, tunnel-free finishes
  • Suitable for a wide range of apparels including shirts, tops, outerwear, pullovers etc.
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Numbering on Model
When customising your machine, make sure you quote rightly the model number with all the specifications you seek when inquiring about your machine. Refer to the list of specifications below:


  1. Symbol of series
  2. Class number
  3. Number of Needle: 7 = 2.3 needle
  4. Submodel
  5. Top Cover Thread Mechanism: 1= with Top Cover Thread Mechanism
  6. Needle Distance: 40=4.0mm (2 needles), 48=4.8mm, 56=5.6mm, 64=6.4mm
  7. Shape of stitch tongue on stitch plate
  8. Special specification
  9. Devices


Model VC2700G-8F VC2713G-8F
Seam  VC2700G_seam  VC2700G seams
Needle Type & No. UY128GAS3(2)
No. of Threads 5 (4)
Needle Distance (4.0mm)
Stitch Length 1.4mm ~3.6mm
Differential Feed Adjustment Push Button system
Differential Feed Ratio 1:0.3 ~ 1:2.9
Pressor Foot Lift Amount 75mm (max)
Needle Stroke 31mm
Sewing Speed 6000 r.p.m


 UT-A UT-A[][]:
Air operated under thread trimmer
ST2-A ST2-A:
Air operated top cover thread trimmer


Minimal Lubrication
VC2700G lubrication
Oil is pumped to needle bar crank area, all way through upper shaft. Thanks to “forced lubrication”, very small, but stable amount of oil is always given to exactly where it is necessary and ensures less risk for leakage while maintaining machine performance.


Special Sealing Technology
VC2700G-8 oil leakage system

  • Special seals installed at the ends of each bushing above fabric, to prevent excess oil from dripping onto fabric by wiping oil away from the surface of the moving parts
  • Sewing cylinder area consist of a special oil wiper installed at the end of looper bar bushing, where oil is wiped away from looper bar surface as looper bar is exposed
  • Oil is circulated rather than wasted. Excess oil that is being wiped is first stored in a felt. It is then collected by the force of the pump, cooled down and filtered for the next cycle of lubrication


Easy Maintenance

 Switchable Needle Bar Stroke Switchable Needle Bar StrokeNeedle bar stoke can be switched from 31mm (standard) to 33mm by simply turning an eccentric pin on the needle bar. This epoch-making system shortens the downtime for conversion to meet extreme change of fabric weight.
 VC2700G_foot_lifter Looper Thread Take-Up Cam SystemThe cam is located outside of the machine frame for easy adjustment and removal. Downtime to unwind looper thread in case it winds itself around the cam is dramatically shortened. Also, the cam can be exchanged easily according to different sewing conditions.
 VC2700G_looper_thread Foot Lifter Lever MechanismThe outer lever (similar to the one for overlock machine) enables easy assembly and adjustment of foot lifter without removing top cover.


Highly Versatile


Active Thread Control
Yamato’s “Active Thread Control” makes ideal thread balance control to form any desired seam, with less stress given to each thread. Adjustment from soft to tight seam can be done simply and visibly to minimize required skills and downtime spent for addressing frequent changes of sewing conditions.



Wide Range of Seams

Active Thread Control supports a wide variety of seams from soft and elastic seams to tight seams. Results in tunnel-free finish

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