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2 Needle 4 Thread Flat Bed Interlock Stitch Machine (Lip Binding) VF2459-8

Yamato’s “Active Thread Control (PAT.P)” makes epoch-making soft and elastic seams with “microfibre”, which is lightweight, soft and stretchable. Comes with right-hand fabric trimmer and stepping motor-driven elastic metering device.


  • Unlike conventional tension resistance to control thread, Yamato’s Active Thread Control (PAT.P) takes in and draws back each thread when it is required, thus forming well-balanced seam with minimum necessary tension for thread regulation
  • Special oil seal prevents oil leakage at needle bar
  • Flat bed makes handling of fabrics and sewing seams easy
  • Tunnel-free finish makes comfortable finish
  • Forms elastic and durable seams
  • Best for “seam bust” on turning curves with fabric trimmer, which is installed in front of the binder
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Numbering on the Model
When customising your machine, make sure you quote rightly the model number with all the specifications you seek when inquiring about your machine. Refer to the list of specifications below:

Yamato numbering

  1. Symbol of series
  2. Class number
  3. Number of needles: 4= 2 needles, 5 = 3 needles
  4. Sub model by application
  5. Top cover thread mechanism: 1= with top cover thread mechanism
  6. Needle distance (spacing between needles): 32=3.2mm, 40=4.0mm, 48=4.8mm, 56=5.6mm
  7. Shape of stitch tongue on stitch plate
  8. For elastic materials
  9. Device(s)


Seam VF2459-8 seams
Type & No. of Needle UY128GAS
No. of Threads 4
Spacing between needles 3.6mm
Seam Length 1.4 ~ 3.6mm
Differential Feed Adjustment Push Button system
Differential Feed Ratio 1:0.7-1:2
Pressor Foot Lift Amount 5mm
Needle Stroke 31mm
Sewing Speed 5000rpm