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2-Needle 5-Thread Safety Stitch Machine

This safety stitch sewing machine is suitable for the sewing of denim jeans, resulting in neat and even overlock stitch. It’s powerful feeding performance ensures stress-free sewing even for long distance operation, such as “U-seaming” of jeans for quality finish. Completely sealed internal mechanism and optional self-cleaning system lengthens life of machine while keeping the working environment clean.


  • High quality sewing gives superior finished appearance of the seam
  • No oil leakage – thanks to special sealing technology with stable and precise lubrication to moving parts
  • Automatic stitch count from start to end, thanks to photo-cell sensor
  • Automatic air-operated tape/chain cutter via i50 control box
  • Lint & chain waste suction vacuum extractor makes work space clean and tidy
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Model Numbering
When customising your machine, make sure you quote rightly the model number with all the specifications you seek when inquiring about your machine.
safety stitch machine CZ6600-C6DA

  1. Symbol of Series
  2. Class number
  3. ATC: Automatic thread chain cutter
  4. AS: Photo-cell sensor for programmable stitch counting of Start/Stop and trim automatically at beginning and end
  5. CC4F: Waste lint collector with auto foot lifter assembly
  6. i50 Control box


Additional information

Type & No. of Needle

DCx27 (2)

No. of Thread


Spacing between needles


Seam Width

5mm 6mm 7mm

Stitch Length


Differential Feed Ratio

1:0.6 – 1:3

Presser Foot Lift Amount


Sewing Speed


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