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3 Needle 5 Thread Cylinder Bed Interlock Stitch Machine (for Covering) VGS 2790

Exclusive model for hemming operation equipped with sewing parts.


  • Top-feed mechanism makes adjustment of height according to fabric easy. Always bring top ply of fabric closer to needle point at any feed amount.
  • Top feed dog eliminates sewing slippage, twisting and distortion of any kinds of fabric for beautiful finishes
  • Easier handling of fabrics – Position of needle bar driving link is higher by 17mm than conventional machines to keep more space at the left side of needle drop point
  • Oil leakage is prevented thanks to Yamato’s non-stain (PAT.P) technology, thus keeping garments clean
  • Instead of conventional thread control via tension resistance, Yamato’s Active Thread Control (PAT.P) takes in/draws back threads when it is required, thus stitching well-balanced semas with minimum necessary tension for thread regulation. No fuzzy thread adjustments.
  • Wide variety of seams including soft (suitable for microfibre), elastic, standard types. Easily and visibly adjustable.
  • Tunnel-free finish
  • Applicable for a wider variety of sewing conditions (tight, loose, etc.)
  • Smoother handling can be achieved for covering operation on small circular portion such as sweatshirt necklines etc.
  • Easier access to internal mechanism than conventional model for easier maintenance
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Numbering on the Model

Yamato model numbering

  1. Symbol of Series
  2. Class Number
  3. Number of Needles: 7 = 2,3 needles
  4. Submodel by Application
  5. Top Cover Tread Mechanism: 1 = with Top Cover Thread Mechanism
  6. Needle Distance: 40=4.0mm (2 Needle), 48=4.8mm, 56=5.6mm, 64=6.4mm
  7. Shape of stitch tongue on stitch plate
  8. with Active Thread Control – 8 = Replaceable stitch plate stitch tongue / 8F = Fixed stitch plate stitch tongue
  9. Device(s) – refer to above charts
Model VGS2790-8
Seam Interlock Seam
Type & No. of Needle UY128GAS3(2)
No. of Threads 5 (4.3)
Spacing between needles 4.0mm4.8mm5.6mm6.4mm
Seam Length 1.4-3.6mm
Differential Feed Adjustment Knob
Differential Feed Ratio 1:0.7 ~ 1:1.2
Top Feed Amount 1.6~5mm
Pressor Foot Lift Amount 5.5~7mm
Needle Stroke 31(33)mm
Sewing Speed 5500rpm

Customise your machine by selecting any of these options below:
(Please quote the part numbers that you want accompanied with the machine of your choice)

SC25 suction self-cleaning system SC25 Blow-in and suction type self-cleaning system. This device blows lint inside the sewing cylinder and collects (sucks) it. This decreases downtime for cleaning. No need to worry about stains on fabric caused by oil-stained lint.

  • Applicable for VGS2790 class only
  • Device must be specified when ordering the machine
  • Compressed air or vacuum dust collector is required for suction of blown lint


Covering style

T (standard) T (light fabric) K (tip over)
T (standard) T (light fabric) K (tip over)


Feed Layout and Coarseness of Feed Dogs

T (standard) K (tip over) Feed Dog Layout  Feed Dog Layout Standard Standard 1.6mm  Coarse MeshCoarse Mesh 2.5mm 
T1N 3 4
T4N 4
K1N 3
K4N 4


Numbering on model for different styles

Style numbering for Yamato VGS series

  1. Covering style
  2. Feed layout
  3. Coarseness of feed dogs


UT – Automatic Under Thread Trimmer / ST – Automatic Top Cover Thread Trimmer

Under Thread Trimmer Foot Lifter Wiper Foot Lifter + Wiper Top Cover Thread Trimmer Waste Suction Remarks
Air Operated Type
UT-A32 Wiper and foor lifter works at the same time
UT-A34 Wiper and foor lifter works independently
UT-A42 UT-A32 + waste suction for the machines with fabric trimmer
UT-A44 UT-A34 + waste suction for the machines with fabric trimmer
UT-A44/ST2-A UT-A34/ST2-A + waste suction for the machines with fabric trimmer
Solenoid Type
  • UTL-A** is designed to be compact so it can be easily installed to the existing design of VGS short cylinder bed
  • Can also be installed in a machine with UT device
  • Requires exclusive motor
W11 Walking Pressor Foot Compact Motor
W11 Walking Pressor Foot Compact Motor for Yamato sewing machines

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