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3 Needle 5 Thread Cylinder Bed Interlock Stitch Machine (Left Hand Fabric Trimmer) VGS 3721

Equipped with fabric trimmer to trim folded edge of hem for uniform finish. Downsized trimmer and newly designed sewing parts ensure smooth operation and stitch-on-stitch overlapping. Also, trimming margin can be held down and minimise waste of material. Epoch-making versatility of VGS with left hand fabric trimmer. Applicable for different hemming styles with little downtime.


  • Micro Adjuster – easily adjustable trimming position while keeping engagement of knives
  • Left hand fabric trim mechanism (PAT.P) – movement of fabric trimmer can be stopped easily when trimming is not needed. No re-adjustment is required for the next stage. Whole trimming mechanism is removable. Machine can be converted into a normal cylinder bed machine by exchanging covers and sewing parts.
  • Top-feed mechanism makes adjustment of height according to fabric easy. Always bring top ply of fabric closer to needle point at any feed amount.
  • Top feed dog eliminates sewing slippage, twisting and distortion of any kinds of fabric for beautiful finishes
  • Easier handling of fabrics – Position of needle bar driving link is higher by 17mm than conventional machines to keep more space at the left side of needle drop point
  • Oil leakage is prevented thanks to Yamato’s non-stain (PAT.P) technology, thus keeping garments clean
  • Instead of conventional thread control via tension resistance, Yamato’s Active Thread Control (PAT.P) takes in/draws back threads when it is required, thus stitching well-balanced semas with minimum necessary tension for thread regulation. No fuzzy thread adjustments.
  • Wide variety of seams including soft (suitable for microfibre), elastic, standard types. Easily and visibly adjustable.
  • Tunnel-free finish makes wearing comfortable
  • Applicable for a wider variety of sewing conditions (tight, loose, etc.)
  • Soft seam suitable for microfiber
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Model VGS3721-8
Seam VGS3721-8 seam
Type & No. of Needle UY128GAS3(2)
No. of Spools 5 (4.3)
Spacing between needles 4.0mm
Seam Length 1.4-3.6mm
Feed Adjustment System Knob
Differential Feed Ratio 1:0.7 ~ 1:1.2
Top Feed Amount 1.6~7mm
Pressor Foot Lift Amount 5.5~7mm
Needle Stroke 31(33)mm
Sewing Speed 5500rpm


Other Sub Models

Model VGS2708-8 VGS2730-8
Application 1 Needle Double Chain Stitch Machine for Top Stitching of Display Tape 3 Needle Interlock Stitch Machine for General Seaming & Hemming
Seam VGS2708-8_seam VGS2740-8
Type & No. of Needle UY128GAS(1) UY128GAS3(2)
No. of Threads 2 5 (4,3)
Spacing between needles





Sewing Speed 5500rpm

Customise your machine by selecting any of these options below:
(Please quote the part numbers that you want accompanied with the machine of your choice)


Covering style

T (standard) T (light fabric) K (tip over)
T (standard) T (light fabric) K (tip over)


Feed Layout and Coarseness of Feed Dogs

T (standard) K (tip over) Feed Dog Layout  Feed Dog Layout Standard Standard 1.6mm  Coarse MeshCoarse Mesh 2.5mm 
T1N 3 4
T4N 4
K1N 3
K4N 4


Numbering on model for different styles

Style numbering for Yamato VGS series

  1. Covering style
  2. Feed layout
  3. Coarseness of feed dogs


UT – Automatic Under Thread Trimmer / ST – Automatic Top Cover Thread Trimmer

Under Thread Trimmer Foot Lifter Wiper Foot Lifter + Wiper Top Cover Thread Trimmer Waste Suction Remarks
Air Operated Type
UT-A32 Wiper and foor lifter works at the same time
UT-A34 Wiper and foor lifter works independently
UT-A42 UT-A32 + waste suction for the machines with fabric trimmer
UT-A44 UT-A34 + waste suction for the machines with fabric trimmer
UT-A44/ST2-A UT-A34/ST2-A + waste suction for the machines with fabric trimmer
Solenoid Type


UTL-A** – Automatic Under Thread Trimmer with Anti-Unraveling Function

  • UTL-A** is designed to be compact so it can be easily installed to the existing design of VGS short cylinder bed
  • Can also be installed in a machine with UT device
  • Requires exclusive motor
W11 Walking Pressor Foot Compact Motor
W11 Walking Pressor Foot Compact Motor for Yamato sewing machines


Numbering on the Model

Yamato model numbering

  1. Symbol of Series
  2. Class Number
  3. Number of Needles: 7 = 2,3 needles
  4. Submodel by Application
  5. Top Cover Tread Mechanism: 1 = with Top Cover Thread Mechanism
  6. Needle Distance: 40=4.0mm (2 Needle), 48=4.8mm, 56=5.6mm, 64=6.4mm
  7. Shape of stitch tongue on stitch plate
  8. with Active Thread Control – 8 = Replaceable stitch plate stitch tongue / 8F = Fixed stitch plate stitch tongue
  9. Device(s) – refer to above charts