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4-Needle 6-Thread Flat Seamer FD-62G-22MR (Dry)

Yamato’s FD-62DRY is a newly advanced developed 4 Needle 6 Thread, feed-off-the-arm, double edge trimming flat seamer sewing machine with auto thread cutter, to further protect your garments against oil stains without sacrificing machine performance. The result: reduced downtime, durable long life and neat, finished flatlock seam.


  • “New DRY” technology to minimize oil stain risks
  • Achieves neat and uniform finish for any type of delicate fabric
  • Optimum ergonomic supporting block offers wider working space for easy fabric control, especially on a large scale
  • High quality guillotine cutter that effectively trims fabric
  • Stitch counting for cutting at sewing start and end is controlled by Photo-cell and Auto-stop to save air/thread
  • Compact servo motor minimizes vibration and noise during machine operate
  • Waste lint & chain suction vacuum extractor ensures neat working space
  • Increased acceleration improves work performance
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Indication of Models
When submitting the model number, please quote the numbers accurately according to your customised specifications: 

FD-62G-22MR, Flat seamer

  1. Symbol of series
  2. No. of class
  3. Sub models
  4. Weight of fabric to be sewn: M = for light to medium weight fabric H = for heavy weight fabric
  5. Needle distance (spacing between needles): R=5.2mm / S=6.0mm
  6. ATC: Automatic thread chain cutter
  7. AS: Photo-cell sensor for programmable stitch counting of Start/Stop and trim automatically at beginning and end
  8. FL4: Auto foot lifter assembly
  9. DM: Direct motor with coupler and new type supporting block
  10. i50 Control box

Double Edge Trimming
Exclusively designed sewing parts and lap former ensures positive feeding performance and ideal overlapping with top and bottom raw edge finish. Unique “presser foot floating system” gives minimum necessary pressure on fabric and prevents the work from waving and damage.

Auto Thread Chain Cutter (ATC)
High quality scissors cutter that enhances low operation time and reduce operator’s fatigue.

“AS” Photo-cell controlled cutter automated thread cut at start and end of sewing to improve productivity.

Device / Options

ATC Automatic Thread Chain Cutter
AS Photo-cell sensor for programmable stitch counting of Start/Stop and trim automatically at beginning and end
FL4 Auto foot lifter assembly
CC6 Lint waste removal assembly
DM Direct motor with coupler and new type supporting block

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