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Blue Sapphire – Apparel Folding Machine

Espritech’s folding machine is designed for the folding and stacking of apparels like T-shirts, sweat-shirts, polo-shirts and other flat products. The machine is able to fold products with or without collars – and if required also with turtleneck collars.


  • Requires 1 operator, hence eliminating the need for multiple workers
  • Able to work up various material types including cotton, mixture fabric, polyester/cotton, satin and flannel fabrics
  • Able to produce up to 1000 pieces/hour
  • Simple feeding method: Garment face-down (collar first). Feeding edges of the pieces are shown as outside fold (collar of the folded piece is always visible)


  • Complete conveyor system
  • Exit direction back to in-feed
  • 90° roller drive conveyor including 680mm drive conveyor
  • 2m drive belt conveyor controlled
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How the machine’s modules work:

Apparel Folding Machine

Feeding Station

 Feeding Size Feeding Size:
Max. width of pieces: 1200mm (47″)
Min. width of pieces: 200mm (7 ¾”)
Max. length of pieces: 1200mm (47″)
Min. length of pieces: 200mm (7 ¾”)


Feeding is done by one operator. Pieces are pulled on the feeding conveyor belt.

  • Feeding belt start by photocell or start button
  • Quality sorting button
  • Vacuum below feeding conveyor belts
  • Adjustable laser beam at the in-feed with scale (position can be individually stored according to the program)

Lateral Fold Station A
Lateral fold A is accomplished by folding templates and folding sliders. The width of the pieces can be folded to a half, a third or a quarter of the original dimension. With the Bypass function the pieces can pass through the machine without folding. Left and right sleeves of the apparel are folded by 2 independent folding brush and sliders. Long sleeves must be manually pre-folded while feeding the product.

  • Automatic adjustable templates
  • Air cylinder for conical folding
  • Conical folding adjustable in program
  • Stroke of folding slider adjustable
  • 2 brush devices for sleeve folding
  • Sleeve positioning adjustable in program
  • Bypass of station adjustable
  • Measuring by Foto sensor
  • Programmable
  • Supervision for transport & process
  • Min. template width: 130mm (5″) / Max. template width: 350mm (13 3/4″). Other sizes only upon request.

Cross Fold Stations A & B

The cross fold is accomplished according to the principle of the swing arm. A mechanical folding arm swings the fabric over adjustable folding bars. During the folding product will be continually stretched. The folding bars are fully automatically adjusted in height, according to the thickness of the product. Included:

  • Swing arm
  • Set of folding bars with automatic height adjustment
  • Transport
  • Bypass of station adjustable
  • Leading & trailing edge measurement
  • Adjustable program
  • Supervision for transport & process

Feeding Size:

  • Max. length of the pieces: 1200mm (47″)
  • Min. length of the pieces: 200mm (7 3/4″)
  • Other sizes only upon request


Roll-off Stacker
The folded item will be transported over integrated transport belts. The roll-off table is stacking the items on top of a lowering table. Transport belts discharge the stacking pile to the 1m roller conveyor.

Safety Light Curtain
The safety light curtain with IEC and EN standard (IEC 61496-1, EN 61496-1) guarantees fast and safety access to the cross fold stations.

Control Panel
Control panel for human machines interface HMI is a 15″ color touchscreen with keyboard and mouse. The control panel grants access to all user manuals, spare parts catalogues as well as electro- and pneumatic-schemata.

Electrical Control Cabinet
The electrical control cabinet contains all electrical controls like the power supply, PC-control system, all servo and inverters drives. Consisting of:

  • IPC system
  • Frequency converter
  • Beckhoff bus system ether-CAT

Control System
Industrial PC-System for the control and the supervision of the total course with Beckhoff TwinCAT based on Microsoft-Windows. Consisting of:

  • Beckhoff TwinCAT system
  • IPC-system based on Microsoft-Windows
  • 40,000 program spaces
  • remote access via internet integration




Additional information

Weight 2360 kg
Folding Pattern

Feeding edges of the pieces are shown as outside fold

Folding Tolerance

± 3mm (± 1/8")

Production Capacity

Up to 1058 pieces (depending on folding type, final size, feeding capacity of the operator, part size and theoretical production)

Operating Staff

1 operator needed for manual feeding

Final Folding Size

W = 130mm – 350mm L = 150mm – 450mm H = 400mm stacking height

Electrical Connection

230/400V – 50/60Hz – 3-Phase/N/PE – Around 7kw

Electrical Execution

EN 60 204/1 and IEC 204/1

Compress Air

Up to 240 I/min, 6 bar / 87 psi

Room Ambient Temperature


Colour of Machine

Frame: light grey (RAL 7035) Covers: Ocean Blue (RAL 5020)

Load on the Ground

Max. 400-500kg/m²

Feeding Width

Max. width of pieces: 1200mm (47") Min. width of pieces: 200mm (7 ¾")

Feeding Lengths

Max. length of pieces: 1200mm (47") Min. length of pieces: 200mm (7 ¾")

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