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Auto Spreader NK-370CS (for knit & foundation materials)

Conveyor feeding system for knit and foundation materials.


  • Conveyor-type material feeder enables smooth feed-out of material that is easily stretched
  • Vibration device secures stability of material even better
  • Cradle-type unrolling device provides stable feed-out of material while preventing material distortion and sagging
  • Automatic threading system omits troublesome adjustments for different kinds of materials. Only one push of a roll will complete threading
  • Easy-to-use touch-screen control panel

Standard Components

  • Feed conveyor
  • Bucket type unwinding device
  • Edge control enables material edges to align accurately
  • Automatic pitcher elevation according to height of spreads
  • Cutting unit
  • Length memory
  • Cloth end detector
  • Ply counter
  • Rewinding function
  • Setting bar
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Optional Components*

  • Sub-deck for folded material
  • Operator Platform
  • Static electricity remover

Spreading Mode

 Face Up Nap One Way
Face Up One Way

*Please contact us for more details on the optional components. Additional costs apply for optional components.

Additional information

Max. Spreading Speed


Max. Roll Diametre


Max. Roll Weight


Max. Spread Height



200-220VAC, 15A, 50/60Hz