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Automatic Back Latch with “Straight Chain Casting” System (AZ8020SD-ABT20)

Yamato’s “Straight Chain Casting” enables quick back latch procedure for you to operate usual overlock stitch with chain cutter only. Thread chain is automatically sewn into the overlock seams at the start of sewing.

  • Suitable for medium to heavy weight fabrics such as knitwear, sweaters and similar garments
  • Comes with memory function and waste collection function
  • Prevents seams from unraveling – reduces one bartacking operation and dramatically increase productivity
  • Backlatching and plain seaming operations can be performed alternately on this machine
  • No disturbance to operator’s sight for stress-free loading and handling of work
  • Less risk of failure, as thread chain is wrapped by the seam without interfering needle threads
  • ABT20 is packaged with “self-cleaning system” to minimize downtime in cleaning and prevents staining. Compact servo motor included.
  • Prevents oil stain while maintaining super high speed and high durability, thanks to Yamato’s SD (Speed & Dry) technology
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