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Automatic Spreading Machine KMS-SVHD

Adopts high performance servo motor for independent driving and feeding control. Precise cutting due to uniform tension which in turns increases sewing efficiency, reduces fabric wastage, saves on labour and increases productivity.

SV Series Features

  • Equipped with standard servo motor for smooth driving and accurate spreading
  • Easy to get for tension control roller adjustment by percentage on the LCD panel. Find best setting for every kind of fabric.
  • Memory function helps operator (max. 100 spreading data)
  • Synchronized fabric feeding and machine driving in order to achieve accurate spreading.
  • Set spreading length by either key input or manual
  • Cutting device can be adjusted accordingly to height of fabric thickness automatically
  • Standard high quality edge control sensor

Machine Features

  • For heavy duty woven fabric
  • Powerful model for max. weight 150Kg and max. 1 m fabric roll
  • Spreading method: One-way, zig-zag
  • Lever type loading system is suitable for big diameter fabric roll
  • Wide tension free zone will be maintained smooth feeding and prevent for fabric wrinkles
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SV Series Details
SV Series details


SVHD Components



SVHD diagram

Model KMS-1600/ 1800SVHD
Fabric Width 1600 / 1800mm
Fabric Thickness 1830 / 2030mm
Fabric Diameter 180mm (one way)
Fabric Weight (max.) 1000mm
Machine Speed (max.) 150kg
Voltage (max.) 90m/min
Rated Output 1P-220V
Machine Size 1500W
Machine Weight 2253(L) x 1933(W) x 769(H)mm (KMS-1600SVHD)

Optional Devices 
(If you want any of the devices, please quote in the enquiry)

  • Folded fabric table
  • Catcher
  • Adjustable catcher
  • Operator platform
  • Spiral roller device
  • Anti-static electric device
  • Automatic roll fabric centering device
  • Tubular device

SV series optional devices



Fabric Loading Devices (Optional)
Easier than manual loading.

fabric loading devices

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