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Black Onyx – Small Piece Folder (boarder across)

The Black Onyx folding machine is for the folding and stacking of dippers, – woven, non-elastic flat pieces. This installation is a stand – alone unit. The folding machine is able to work up various material types including terry, cotton, sateen, mixture fabric, polyester/cotton and flannel. The feeding edges of the pieces are shown as outside folding.

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Feeding size
(Additional sizes on request) 

  • W = 6½ “- 39”/165mm – 1000mm 
  • L = 16“- 63” /400mm – 1600mm



  • One operator for manual feeding
  • Up to 1440 pieces / h

Black Onyx Production


  • In feed table 
  • Lateral Fold A (by sliders &templates) 
  • Cross Fold A (by reversing & air blast) 
  • Cross Fold B (by reversing & air blast) 
  • Stacker

Black Onyx folding size

Folding size
(Additional sizes on request) 

  • A = 6” – 12“ / 152mm – 304mm 
  • B = 6½ “ – 12” “/ 165mm – 304mm


Folding pattern lateral fold section:

 Bypass Bypass
 Half Fold Half Fold
 3rd Fold 3rd Fold
 4th Fold 4th Fold
 Fix Dimension 1 Fix Dimension 1

Folding pattern cross fold section:

 Bypass Bypass
 Half fold Half Fold
3rd Fold 3rd Fold
 4th fold 4th Fold
 S-fold S-Fold

Black Onyx dimensions

Control system

  • Beckhoff TwinCAT, PC- Windows
  • 15” Touchscreen
  • 40’000 program spaces 
  • Remote access (Internet)



  • Cooling system 
  • On request

Additional information


230/400V 50/60Hz, 3 phases/N/PE, approx 7kW

Air Compression


Air Consumption

240 l/min


1.7m (W) x 4.57m (L) x 1.45m (H)

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