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Cloth Inspection Machine

Roll-Up Type
When the cloth is placed on the vibration plate, it is rolled up by a rewinding device which has an automatic tension control and edge control.

Swing-Down Type
When the cloth is placed on the vibration plate, the cloth is swung-down folded, so as to be completely strain-free through a period of time.

Comes with a user-friendly control panel.

* A combination of roll-up and swing-down is available.


Please quote the model number correctly, including the option(s) if selected, when enquiring on the product.

IR-1800, IR-2000 IS-1800, IS-2000 IC-1800, IC-2000
Max. Cloth Width 1800-2400mm
Cloth Setting Manual
Feeding Continuous (forward, reverse, stop, foot SW)
Feed Speed 0 – 6m/min
Feed Roller 90Φ Upper and lower each
Screen Acryl board: 600 x 1850 / 2000Slant: 55°Flourescent Lamp: 20W x 13
Light Adjustment ON / OFF
Material Support Fabric bar: 22mmΦCone / flat: 1 set
Vibration Plate Punched stainless plate: 600 x 1850 / 2050
Finish Edge control, tension control, 2 parallel rewinding rollers Swing-down range: 500-600m/mEccentric disc Roll-Up and Swing-Down included
Motors Feed roller DC:100V, 150W Feed roller DC: 100V, 150W Same as IR type
Vibration AC:100V, 150W
Edge control AC:100V, 150W Vibration AC: 100V, 150W
Rewinding DC:100V, 150W
Colour Ivory Yellow (050-9000 AA-2134)
Dimensions (net) 1600 x 2350 /
2550 x 1650
1400 x 2200 /
2400 x 1650
1800 x 2200 /
2400 x 1650
Weight (net) 270kg 250kg 300kg


 cloth setting device Cloth Setting Device
Device is placed on set bar at hand, and the cloth is fed up to upper roller, so it is easy to set
 LED display yard meter LED Display Yard Meter
Length is displayed on the control error. Max. error = ±3cm / 20m
  • Mechanical yard meter
  • Encoder LED yard meter
  • Upper lamp: 40W x 2
  • Cloth setting device
  • Stepless light adjustment
  • Screen by screen feeding
  • Cradle
  • Bucket (motor driven OR non-driven)

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