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Combination Roller

Tension control can be accomplished in the longitudibal direction at the same time as feeding-out operation is made. This combination roller is a feeding-out mechanism in which a single feeding-out roller can provide rotation movement and lateral sliding movement at the same time.  Therefore, a constant-width control which is difficult by normal spreading machine can be completely secured.  So, 100% complete spreading can be performed on materials.


Kawakami combination roller

kawakami combination roller

No. 1

What this roller can do is to remove the wrinkles of material and be able to restore its width to the standards ( No.1 ).

kawakami combination roller

No. 2

And it also can prevent the material grain from meandering ( No.2 ).

kawakami combination roller

No. 3

To lighten the longitudinal edge shortening tendency, this roller works really well ( No.3 ).


The area where catch the material is really big, which means the material will not slip and is fed well.  You can easily adjust the amount of sideway slide from zero to six according to the material.  All you have to do is twist the hexagon screw. Quite easy.