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Computer-controlled Cycle Machine with Input Function, AMS-221EN

AMS-221EN-2516 (X: 250mm × Y: 160mm)
The sewing machine is best-suited to the sewing of large labels and emblems, the sewing of two or more pieces of small labels and emblems at one time, and the shape-tacking of bags and shoes. The sewing machine is applicable to a broad range of materials and processes, while leading the industrial sewing machine industry in terms of improvement in quality and the promotion of production that does not require sewing-machine operators to have special skills.

AMS-221EN-3020 (X: 300mm × Y: 200mm)
The sewing machine is applicable to sewing products which require a wider sewing area than that of the “AMS-221EN-2516.” It is best-suited to the attaching of handles to bags and the shape-tacking of boots and shoes. The sewing machine is flexibly applicable to sewing requiring a medium sewing area.

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Model name AMS-221ES AMS-221EH
Application Light- to medium-weight Medium-to heavy-weight
Max. sewing speed 2,800sti/min (when stitch length is 3.5mm or less)
Stitch length 0.1~12.7mm (0.05mm step)
Storage of pattern data in the memory Main-body memory: Max. 500,000 stitches, 999 patterns(max. 50,000 stitches / patterns)
External media: Max. 50,000,000 stitches, 999 patterns(max. 50,000 stitches / pattern)
Needle DP×5 (#14) DP×17 (#18)

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