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Computer-controlled, Direct-drive, High-speed, 1-needle, Lockstitch, Zigzag Stitching Machine – LZ-2290A Series

LZ-2290A-SR-7 (quick reverse type)
LZ-2290A-DU-7 (dry-head, anti-material-slip capability type)
LZ-2290A-DU(dry-head, anti-material-slip capability type)
LZ-2290A-DS-7 (dry-head type)
LZ-2290A-DS (dry-head type)
LZ-2290A-SU-7 (minute-quantity lubrication, anti-material-slip capability type)
LZ-2290A-SU (minute-quantity lubrication, anti-material-slip capability type)
LZ-2290A-SS-7 (minute-quantity lubrication type)
LZ-2290A-SS (minute-quantity lubrication type)

A single LZ-2290A Series machine is extremely versatile and can perform many different stitching patterns
It comes in two different models, one with standard specifications and the other with an anti-material slip capability. For both models, there are two subclass models, i.e., the “minute-quantity lubrication type” and the “dry-head type”, which eliminates oil stains on sewing products. You may select the best-suited model from the diversified subclasses according to your applications. The machine is also provided with a newly-developed operation panel, the IT-100. With this operation panel, you can easily establish settings for stitch shapes and stitches, as well as conduct setup changing, thereby achieving further increased availability.

The machine is provided with many different stitching patterns

  • The machine is provided as standard with fourteen different basic zigzag stitching patterns grouped into eight different types. You can choose the zigzag stitching pattern you want directly on the operation panel (IT-100) of the machine body. The zigzag width, needle throw position and number of blind stitches can also be easily adjusted on the operation panel.
  • A single unit is extremely versatile and can perform straight stitching, standard zigzag stitching, 2-step zigzag stitching, 3-step zigzag stitching, scallop stitching, and blind stitching. As a result, the system is available for a far wider range of applications.

Dry-head type
With its dry head, the machine does not splash oil, thereby preventing the sewn product from being stained with oil. The dry head also does not require periodic oiling.

Standard Features

  • Dry head, intelligent direct drive sewing machine
  • Automatic thread trimmer
  • Zigzag stitch
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Sewing Patterns

sewing pattern

Advanced operation panel IT-100
control panel

  • A liquid crystal display has been adopted. It displays stitch shapes, zigzag width and standard lines with pictographs and settings all together on one screen to improve operability of the panel.
  • The machine has added capabilities that make the most out of the computer-controlled sewing machine functions, such as program stitching (constant-dimension sewing), cycle sewing and continuous sewing. With these capabilities, the machine is able to respond to sewing in various processes.
  • Custom pattern data can be stored using the same USB memory.This enables the sharing of custom patterns, not only in one plant, but also among two or more sewing plants, by exchanging data via e-mail systems.


Custom patterns can be created on the operation panel with ease

  • You can quickly create an original stitching pattern on the operation panel and then try to sew it on a trial basis. A wider variation in design enables the machine to respond to wider applications, such as foundations, ladies’ wear and men’s wear.
  • The machine requires neither a programming device nor ROM writer.

Custom patterns

custom patterns

  • Original sewing patterns can be quickly created and stored in memory.
  • Max. 20 patterns, Max. 500 stitches /pattern.


Condense Patterns (*Automatic reverse feed function is required)

condense patterns

condense patterns pics

  • The user can specify original condense custom patterns. This type of pattern is very effective at producing improved bartacks and keeping seams from being left undone.
  • Start and end of sewing: A maximum of 20 different patterns, with a max. of 64 steps/pattern.
  • The machine, with its automatic thread trimmer, is able to leave shorter thread after thread trimming as compared with the conventional machines.

Abundant variation in stitching

Mirroring of scallop stitches

 scallop stitches scallop stitches 2
  • The machine produces beautifully finished scallop stitches on front part of a girdle. etc.
  • For the scallop stitch, the starting position for sewing can be selected between the top and bottom of a scallop

Setting the number of stitches for a blind stitching pattern

blind stitchingThe user can set the number of stitches for a pattern. (3 to 250 stitches.)

Setting of the left and right stopping positions
left right position

  • The left and right stopping positions of the needle can be controlled.
  • These settings are effective when performing corner stitching for label attachment or decorative stitching on the fronts


Continuous stitching

continuous stitching

  • Custom patterns can be joined.
  • Max. 10 patterns, Max. 20 steps / pattern, and Max. 500 stitches / step


Cycle sewing

cycle sewing

  • The machine is able to sew different patterns while changing them in sequence.
  • Max. 10 patterns, Max. 20 steps / pattern, and Max. 500 stitches / step

Program stitching
As many as 20 different constant-dimension stitch patterns can be programmed. The maximum number of stitches that can be set for one step is 500.

Multi-layer stitching

multi layer stitchingIt is used for reinforcing fastening stitches or bartacks.

Soft-texture seam quality

  • The thread tension mechanism, bobbin case and feed timing have been improved to produce soft-textured seams.
  • The machine is equipped with a hookdriving shaft-offset mechanism which places the hook-rotating shaft off-center from the center of zigzag stroke of the needle. This mechanism allows the blade point of the hook to catch the needle thread every time regardless of the needle throwing direction. As a result, the machine is immune to sewing troubles such as stitch skipping and thread breakage, annoyances likely to occur with the conventional machine, especially when the needle throws to the right.
  • Hook-driving shaft offset mechanism
    Hook-driving shaft offset mechanism
  • For the minute-quantity lubrication type hook, the inner hook is finished with titanium to keep it from becoming hot. The machine requires only a very small quantity of oil. This prevents oil stains on the material and the improves durability of the hook. In addition, the hook configuration is carefully designed to avoid needle breakage.
    lubrication type hook

Newly developed larger-size machine head with a long arm

Wider space under the arm
JUKI has developed a new high-long arm machine head one size larger than the head for the conventional lockstitch machine. With its wider area under the arm, the machine permits easy handling of the sewing material for improved operability. The shape of the jaw gives the operator a clear view of the area around the needle.

Reduced noise and vibration
The machine comes with a more rigid and well-balanced machine head frame. This, coupled with the direct-drive method, dramatically reduces the noise and vibration of the machine and helps reduce operator fatigue.

Excellent basic performance

Higher productivity
In the standard zigzag stitching mode with the zigzag width set to 4mm, a frequently selected operating condition, the machine sews at a top speed of 5,000sti/min, that is the world’s highest available speed as a computer-controlled zigzag stitching machine, to increase in productivity. (The dry-head type and the anti-material-slip type machines are excluded.)

Increased feed amount

  • Since the machine supports the feed amount as large as 5mm, this single machine is able to handle various feed types from standard feed to coarse feed. The coarse feed is effective when sewing stretched elastic tapes in processes such as elastic tape attachment to waistbands in shorts. (For the anti-material-slip type machine, the maximum feed amount is 2.5mm.)
  • The stitch dial is a stepless adjustable type. This enables fine adjustment of the feed amount.

The maximum zigzag width: 10mm
A zigzag width of as large as 10mm is possible for all types of stitch shapes. Sewing troubles such as stitch skipping or thread breakage will never occur even when sewing at the maximum zigzag width.
*A gauge that supports 10mm is required.

machine standard

Excellent maintainability


  • The machine is structured without an oil pan. Oil is supplied from the oil tank installed on the machine to the hook and needle bar.
  • In addition, the oil hole is located on the machine arm. This is quite helpful to female operators; since oiling can be carried out without tilting the machine head.
  • Time and effort are conventionally required to remove the knee lifter and cover. This means the machine head can be easily tilted when cleaning the machine or performing maintenance.
  • A safety switch is mounted on the machine head. If the machine is tilted with the power on, the safety switch is activated and disables the machine operation. In this disabled condition, the machine will never run even if you depress the foot pedal.

Extensive product lineup for supporting many different processes

Type Dry-head type Minute-quantity lubrication type
Without automatic thread trimmer With automatic thread trimmer Without automatic thread trimmer With automatic thread trimmer
Standard LZ-2290A-DS LZ-2290A-DS-7-WB LZ-2290A-SS LZ-2290A-SS-7-WB
LZ-2290A-DS-0B LZ-2290A-SS-0B
Anti-material-slip capability LZ-2290A-DU LZ-2290A-DU-7-WB LZ-2290A-SU LZ-2290A-SU-7-WB

Computer-controlled, Direct-drive, High-speed, 1-needle, Lockstitch, Zigzag Stitching Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer

Thread trimming mechanism notable for its simple structure and extremely reliable performance

thread trimming

  • The knife-sliding method employed by the thread trimmer guarantees that the thread is cut regardless of the needle throw position.
  • The knife unit is installed under the bed slide to offer easier maintenance.

The machine is equipped as standard with a needle thread feeding device
needle thread feed

  • The machine comes with a needle thread feeding device that feeds the needle thread by only the required length at the beginning of sewing.
  • The needle thread feeding device prevents stitch skipping and slip-off of the needle thread. It also greatly improves workability by shortening the thread remaining at the needle after it is trimmed.


A push-button-type reverse feed switch is adopted
push button

The newly adopted push-button-type reverse feed switch allows the operator to re-position buttons at desired locations. This prevents maloperation when the operator handles the material on the machine.

Troubles are prevented at the beginning of sewing by keeping the bobbin thread tension low
The bobbin thread is retained at a low tension after thread trimming. This allows the thread to smoothly come off at the beginning of sewing, thereby preventing thread hitching and stitch gathering.


Computer-controlled, Direct-drive, High-speed, 1-needle, Lockstitch, Zigzag Stitching Machine (dry-head type)

  • The non-lubricated head will never scatter oil, promising cleanly finished sewing products free from oil stains.
  • In addition, the machine and table will not be stained with oil during the gauge changing or maintenance on the machine such as cleaning.
  • The machine offers a service speed of as high as 4,000sti/min for zigzag stitching. With this speed, the machine can be effectively used in various zigzag stitching processes.
  • The newly developed special-race plastic hook offers increased durability and upgraded sewing capabilities. It responds beautifully to various types of thread. The hook helps the machine produce consistent high-quality, seams by eliminating changes in the thread tension caused by fluctuating oil levels.

Computer-controlled, Direct-drive, High-speed, 1-needle, Lockstitch, Zigzag Stitching Machine (with anti-material-slip capability)

  • Newly developed feed mechanism prevents the material slippage that is likely to occur when sewing slippery or elastic materials used for girdles or bodysuits.
  • The machine never fails to produce beautiful, high-quality seams regardless of changes in the sewing material to fabrics such as power net and tricot. (✽The effects of the machine may not be obvious on some types of materials.)
  • The machine’s bottom feed method prevents material slippage. Since the LZ-2290A-SU-7 is identical with the standard model in terms of its appearance and gauge parts, workability is entirely unaffected.

Major applicable processes

List of the major gauges

List of the major gauges

List of the major gauges

  • Max. feed is 5 mm for the LZ-2290A-SS(-7). Since the max. feed is 2.5 mm for the LZ-2290A-SU(-7), gauges have to be selected with care.
  • In addition to the above-listed ones, many different gauges and attachments for zigzag stitching are available. Please contact us for details.

Optional Devices

Model Part No. Description Features
400-10795 Automatic reverse feed kit When this device is installed, the LZ-2290A-MM(without automatic thread trimmer) can perform reverse feed operation. (The mirroring switch for scallop stitching is used as the pushbutton-type reverse feed switch.)
400-03640 Optional switch kit This handy switch is used to control various functions*. It is most effective when operating the machine in a standing position. (✽Needle up/down correction, 1-stitch correction, reverse-stitch correction, auto lifter and thread trimmer, etc.)
AK121 GAK-A21000B0 Auto-lifter (pedal-driven)
D1501-583-H00 Presser bar Presser foot connecting components
(Replaceable presser bar)
The aforementioned parts are used when a lockstitching type presser foot is installed on the machine.
D1502-583-H00 Presser connecting rod
B1551-586-000 Presser foot connecting foot Presser foot connecting components
SS-7090910-TP Screw
225-26578 Hard-point hook The blade point of this hook prevents abrasion.


AK121 Auto-lifter (pedal-driven) auto lifter
Presser foot connecting components
presser bar

*Place a separate order for the presser foot

Non-rotary bobbin
non-rotary bobbin

The non-rotary bobbin requires an exclusive hook, bobbin and bobbin case.

The non-rotary bobbin eliminates. irregular stitches which have a tendency to occur at some sewing speeds and bobbin-thread tension fluctuations which have a tendency to occur according to the bobbin thread remaing on the hook. Since the bobbin thread is fed withot rotating the bobbin, the bobbin never idles.


When you place orders

Please note when placing orders, that the model name should be written as follows:

when you place orders



Machine head type Dry-head type Minute-quantity lubrication type
Model name Without
thread trimmer
LZ-2290A-DS LZ-2290A-DU LZ-2290A-SS LZ-2290A-SU
With automatic
thread trimmer
LZ-2290A-DS-7 LZ-2290A-DU-7 LZ-2290A-SS-7 LZ-2290A-SU-7
Type Standard Anti-material slip capability type Standard Anti-material-slip capability type
Max. sewing speed 4,000sti/min* 5,000sti/min* 4,500sti/min*
(for standard zigzag stitching, the zigzag width has to be set to 5mm or less.) (for standard zigzag stitching, the zigzag width has to be set to 4mm or less.)
Max. zigzag width 10min (in increments of 0.1min)
Needle throw mechanism Computer-controlled
Max. Stitch length 5.0mm 2.5mm 5.0mm 2.5mm
Stepless fine adjustment
Lift of the presser foot By hand: 5.5mm/By knee: 10mm
Hook Exclusive no-lubricating hook (plastic hook with special-purpose race surface) DP hook (with titanium-treated inner hook)
Thread take-up Rotary type
Needle (at the time of delivery) 438(Nm75), DP×5(#10)
Number of patterns for standard stitching 8 types/14 patterns
Custom pattern memory capacity Internal memory Max. 20 patterns
Extended memory Max. 999 patterns
Max. number of stitches 500  stitches/pattern
Continuous stitching pattern Max. 10 patterns, 20 step, 500 stitches/step
Input function of the main unit Provided as standard (operation panel: IT-100D)
Bobbin thread winder Built-in machine head
Machine head drive Compact AC servomotor (direct-drive system)
Lubrication No lubrication Minute-quantity lubrication to needlebar and hook (no oil pan system)
Lubricating oil JUKI New Defrix Oil No.1 (equivalent to ISO VG7)
from needle to machine arm
Bed size 517mm×178mm
Power requirement/ Power consumption Single-phase 100~120V, 200~240V, 3-phase 200~240V/Power rating 600VA
Total weight 98kg (without automatic thread trimmer)
100kg (with automatic thread trimmer)

“sti/min” stands for “Stitches per minute”