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Continuous Type Sublimation Heat Transfer Drum Press HSP-600R / 1000R


  • The drum type special heater assures uniform temperature balance
  • Temperature is controlled by a digital thermometer which is very easy to read, so that the actual temperature can be recognized at a glance.
  • Reverse switch helps return the material fed in by mistake.
  • 3 winding devices equipped as standard.

Optional: Silicon belt

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Model HSP-600R HSP-1000R
Voltage 3P200V
Rated Output 4,010W 5,510W
Rated Current 12A 16A
Temperature (max) 210°C
Effective Width 610mm 1,050mm
Dimensions (W x D x H) 1,390 x 720 x 1,300mm 1,830 x 720 x 1,300mm
Weight 280kg 300kg
Belt Size 650 × 1,830mm 1,150 × 1,830mm
Drum Size 200 × t5 × 780 200 × t5 × 1,290

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