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Conveyor type needle detector HN-870C-120/140/160/180, HN-780G-100

Can detect φ0.8mm ferrous ball by 120mm sensor height. Innovative sensor checking system by Auto PreChecker to save time.

  • Newly developed search coils and optimized magnet position improves sensitivity
  • Can detect 0.8mm ferrous ball by 120mm height sensor
  • Dispersion sensitivity expands detection area, hence improving product passageway
  • Large size blue LCD with improved the visibility and operatively. Contains various settings such as the sensitivity, language mode, and etc., and can show machine’s current condition on the display as well.
  • Can indicate position of broken needles
  • Foot switch and restart function makes operation easy and useful for starting the conveyor belt without pushing the start button
  • Comes with standard product counter
  • Conveyor speed changing function – conveyor speed can be changed in 3 steps to passage if it detects a foreign object

Optional devices

  • Printer – can print inspection record and counter results
  • Product guider – Optional for HN-870C,2870C / Standard on HN-780G, 2780G.
  • Auto PreChecker – makes sensor checking more accurate and quicker.
    By using PreCheck bar (Specialized test brock) & system, you do not need to check each coil one by one, the system checks sensor automatically. You can keep the PreCheck result if you choose the Printer.

Additional information

Detecting Method

Magnet induction method

Detecting Ability

Fe 0.8mm(120mm) Fe1.0mm(140mm) Fe1.2mm(160mm) Fe1.5mm(180mm) sphere or above

Detecting Level

100 steps

Detecting WIdth


Detecting height

120mm(standard)/ 140mm / 160mm / 180mm (780G 100mm)

Alarm Method

Buzzer, detecting position lamp, belt return

Belt Speed

40m/min. / 33m/min. / 26m/min.

Power Supply


Rated Output

About 140W




Approx. 250Kg

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