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Conveyor Type Needle Detector

Hashima’s conveyor type needle detector digital processing sensor system allows stable detection of Φ0.8mm steel. Comes in 3 models: HN-670C, HN-680C and HN-770G. A must-have for garment manufacturers!


  • Newly designed digitalPC board reduces magnetic disturbance, thus increases needle detecting performance via digital processing
  • Detecting sensors allow detection precision accordingly:
    Height of 100mm: Fe Φ0.8mm sphere can be detected (standard)
    Height of 140mm: Fe Φ1.0mm sphere can be detected (option)
    Height of 180mm: Fe Φ1.2mm sphere can be detected (option)
  • Large-sized blue LCD screen with improved visibility allows operators to adjust settings like sensitivity, language mode, current condition of machine etc.
  • Precise sensitivity adjustments from 10 to 100 steps. Adaptable to various kinds of garments.
  • Conveyor belt restarts at regualar intervals without pressing start button, making operation smooth
  • Equipped with foot switch that is more convenient than hand switch
  • Large memory capacity allows machine operation history to record up to 800 cases. Makes needle detection operation possible and easy to manage

Additional Function

  • Low speed mode: By lowering the conveyor belt speed, accessories which are unstable in quality can be inspected without resulting in wrong detection with high sensitivity (varies among different accessories)


Products Guider

Model HN-670C HN-680C HN-770G
Detection Method Magnetic Induction
Detection Sensitivity Able to detect as small as Φ0.8mm steel
Detection Adjustment 101 Steps
Detection Width 600mm
Detection Height 100mm (standard type)
Alarm Method Buzzer, alarm
Power Source 100V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase
Rated Output 140W
Products Guider Option Standard
Counter Option Standard
Weight 250kg
Dimensions 105 x 165 x 92cm

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