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Direct-drive, High-speed, 1-needle, Lockstitch Machine – DDL-9000B

JUKI does its utmost to perfect the ease of operation of its machines while promising optimal seam quality, optimal productivity, and minimum energy consumption. Now, JUKI has launched an advanced 1-needle lockstitch machine with unrivalled performance, a successor to the DDL-9000/-9000A. This is the newest flagship lockstitch machine from JUKI, a manufacturer which aims for genuine quality every minute of the day.

Standard features

  • Automatic thread trimmer
  • Dry-head, intelligent direct drive sewing machine


ECO Features

  • Reduces power consumption by 15% as compared with the conventional models
  • Satisfies the requirements stipulated in the “Juki Group Green Procurement Guidelines*. ” And it certainly complies with the RoHS Directive*.
  • The DDL-9000B uses more common parts than the conventional models. In addition, the total number of parts has been reduced by 15%.
  • The mass ratio of unrecyclable parts has been reduced by 4% and the mass of the product has been reduced by 14% as compared with the conventional models.

* The RoHS Directive is an EU Directive limiting the use of 6 hazardous substances (lead, hexavalent chromium, mercury, cadmium, PBB and PBDE) in electrical and electronic equipment. The Juki Green Procurement Guideline is the voluntarily established criteria to eliminate not only the aforementioned six substances, but also other ones which also adversely affect the environment.

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The line-up of the DDL-9000B series in terms of lubricating method of the machine head consists of: S: Minute-quantity lubrication, M: Semi-dry head type and D: Fully-dry head type. All of the three machine head types are friendly to the environment since they prevent oil stains and minimize the quantity of stain remover used. Select one of the three different machine heads according to your sewing applications:

S (Minute-quantity lubrication type)
DDL-9000B-S (Max. sewing speed: 5000 sti/min)

Minute-quantity lubrication type

· The needle bar and thread take-up components are lubricated with the minimum required quantity of oil. For the hook section, the standard method of lubrication is employed.

The sewing speed of 5000sti/min, which is the highest speed of any direct-drive lockstitch machines, contributes to increased productivity. The DDL-9000B-S is the standard model developed with the emphasis on durability. It produces seams with consistency when run at speeds which falls in the range of the highest sewing speeds.


M (Semi-dry head type)
DDL-9000B-M (Max. sewing speed: 5000 sti/min)

M Semi-dry head type
Sewing work free from oil stains by means of our leading-edge dry-head technology. With the advanced dry technology of enabling operation without being lubricated, a frame which does not need lubrication has been developed. It is provided with not only a high-speed sewing capability, but also a safety feature for preventing oil stains.


D (Fully-dry head type)
DDL-9000B-D (Max. sewing speed: 4000 sti/min)

D Fully-dry head type
The machine prevents the material being sewn from being stained with oil. As its designation indicates, the dry-head type machine ensures convenience of use by totally preventing the oil from staining the material being sewn. The machine wholly contributes to improved quality of finished products.



Model name DDL-9000BSS DDL-9000BSH DDL-9000BMA DDL-9000BMS DDL-9000BDS
Application Medium-weight Heavy-weight Light-weight Medium-weight Medium-weight
Lubrication Minute-quantity lubrication Semi-dry Fully-dry
Max. sewing speed 5,000sti/min 4,500sti/min 5,000sti/min 5,000sti/min 4,000sti/min
Max. stitch length 5mm* 4mm 5mm*
Needle DB×1 (#11) #9~#18 DB×1 (#21) #20~#23 DB×1 (#9) #8~#11 DB×1 (#11) #9~#18
Lift of the presser foot By hand: 5.5mm, By knee: 15mm, Auto: 8.5mm

*The max. sewing speed should be set at 4,000sti/min or less when the machine is used with a stitch length of more than 4mm.



Compact-size servo motor – The DDL-9000B has adopted the latest compact-size servomotor as its driving source. This latest compact-size servomotor is an energy-saving, highly efficient motor which is able to run under a high torque and has a broader range of speed. In addition, the servomotor is installed with a direct-drive system to transmit the motor power directly to the sewing machine, thereby achieving improved power-consumption saving, quicker response, quicker startup, increased accuracy of the stop position and stronger material penetrating force of the needle.

New model control box with energy-saving mode – The new model control box SC-920, which consists of an energy-saving mode, has been developed. This control box is the first one which provides an energy-saving mode for the sewing machine. The power consumption during standby, when the motor is at rest, is reduced by approximately 20%. In addition, abundantly incorporated state-of-the-art energy-saving features such as a compact-in-size solenoid for the auto-lifter (optional) allow the DDL-9000B to reduce power consumption, to increase productivity and to be friendly to the environment.

Comparison of power consumption – When the sewing machine availability factor is 25%, the DDL-9000B reduces power consumption by 70% or more as compared with the conventional model incorporating a V-belt type electronic stop motor, by 20% or more as compared with the conventional model incorporating a V-belt type servomotor, or by 15% as compared with its predecessor model (DDL-9000A).

Energy-saving graph


Dry Technology – Oil stains on the material being sewn are reduced, thereby improving product quality

needle bar

Needle bar finished with a special surface treatment

The advanced dry technology helps prevent oil stains on the material being sewn. The main source of oil stains is the frame. The semi-dry head type sewing machine comes with a frame which does not need lubrication. The fully-dry head type sewing machine is an even further evolved dry-head type which comes with a frame and a hook section which do not need lubrication. The needle bar mechanism is finished with a special surface treatment (DLC, Diamond Like Carbon Coating) and uses JUKI’s unique special grease for lubrication. Grease-filled bearings have been adopted for the sections requiring bearings. The frame mechanism of the sewing machine demonstrates superb durability even with no oil. Oil stains on the material being sewn are reduced. As a result the frequency of stain removal work or re-sewing work is dramatically reduced, thereby improving the finished quality of the product.

Design for achieving silent operation – The operating noise generated by the mechanisms is reduced, helping reduce operator fatigue.

Silent operation
One of the eternal challenges of a sewing plant is the improvement of the work environment. One of the factors to be improved is noise within the plant. The DDL-9000B 1-needle lockstitch machine is the sewing machine which is used most frequently in the sewing plant. For this reason, the noise generating mechanisms have been attuned to eliminate any harsh noise. The major sources of noise are the one-touch type reverse feed device, the wiper and the auto-lifter, which have been designed aiming at the reduction of noise. The resulting mechanisms’ operating noise is reduced, thus helping reduce operator fatigue.

Thread trimming mechanism – Thread trimming speed has been doubled or more that of the conventional model!
Analysis of operator work has revealed that the working rhythm substantially affects the productivity.Based on the aforementioned fact, JUKI focused on the thread trimming speed. By maximizing the thread trimming speed, the operating rhythm can be improved. The DDL-9000B trims thread at least two times faster than the conventional thread trimmer, thanks to the improved thread-trimmer driving mechanism. This improves the responsiveness of the sewing machine during changeovers between sewing and thread trimming operations. The length of time elapsing from thread trimming at the end of sewing to the start of a subsequent operation can be shortened, thereby improving operator rhythm.

Production support function  The operation panel is provided with a production support function.
Two different operation panels, the CP-18A and CP-180A are applicable to the DDL-9000B. Both operation panels are provided with the production support function. The production support function actually consists of three different functions (six different modes), which are the output control function, operation measuring function and bobbin counter function. Each with its own production support effect. An appropriate function (mode) can be selected as required. The parameter setting can be done on the panel located on the top of the sewing machine, thereby helping reduce operator fatigue during setup changing.

Output control function (Target No. of products display mode/Target-actual result difference display mode)

  • Under the target, No. of products display mode, the target number of products and the actual number of products produced according to the work hours are displayed.
  • In the under target-actual result difference display mode, the difference between the target number of products and the actual number of products produced is displayed.

Since operators are able to work while checking their actual number of products on the panel at all times, they can strengthen their sense of purpose of achieving the target, thereby increasing productivity. Operators can visually check the progress of their work in real time, leading to the early detection of any problems and the execution of early corrective measures.

Operation measuring function (Sewing machine availability display mode/Pitch time display mode /Average speed of stitch display mode)

  • Under the sewing machine availability display mode, the average sewing machine availability in the previous cycle and the current cycle is displayed.
  • Under the pitch time display mode, the average process machining time in the previous cycle and the current cycle is displayed.
  • Under the average speed of stitch display mode, the accumulated speed of stitch in the previous cycle and the current cycle is displayed.

Since the sewing machine operation status, pitch time (process machining time), can be automatically measured, process analysis, line arrangement and confirmation of facility efficiency can be obtained with ease. As a result, the man-hours required for production control are reduced.

Bobbin counter function (Bobbin counter display mode)
The operator is notified that the bobbin needs to be replaced before the bobbin thread runs out.

The CP-180A is recommended if you use the DDL-9000B for a difficult sewing process.

Output control function

The CP-180 is recommended for sewing difficult-to-sew materials, hard-to-sew parts or for processes in which lots of setup changes are required. With the CP-180A, in addition to the functions of the CP-18A, the speed of stitch adjustment, ON/OFF of the automatic thread trimmer, automatic reverse stitching, double-reverse stitching, constant-dimension sewing, rectangular stitching and multi-layer stitching can be changed over with a finger-tip control, thereby substantially reducing the length of time required for setup changing.

Adaptable Range of Sewing

Adaptable range of sewing

Optional Devices (please state in the enquiry if you need any of these devices)

23632656 Optional switch: 23632656
The switch is mounted above the one-touch type reverse feed switch. With this handy switch, the operator is able use various functions with ease. The switch is helpful especially in standing work. With the option switch, the operator can select one of various optional features, which include the needle up/down compensation, 1-stitch compensation, reverse-stitch compensation, auto-lifter, thread trimming, and cancellation of automatic reverse stitching at the ending of sewing.
40056622 Micro-lifter: 40056622
The micro-lifter works to prevent damage to the material or a slip between two plies when sewing a shaggy or elastic material. The micro-lifter is finely adjustable in its height without using a tool.
Non-lubricated-hook Non-lubricated hook: 22890206
Non-lubricated hook: 22890404 (with a needle guard)
The hook is used with the lubrication stopped, thereby preventing oil stains. The non-lubricated hook has a lace made of special plastic. (provided as standard for the fully-dry head type) The following two parts must be added to enable use of the non-lubricated hook in semi-dry head type machines or minute-quantity lubrication type machines.
– Hook driving shaft stop-plug screw : 11079506
– O-ring : RO036080200
11141355 Lubricated hook C: 11141355
As compared with the regular hook, the lubricated hook C has a structure which has been designed giving a higher priority to the high-speed sewing capability. The hook has a shaper blade point which is provided with a needle guard.
AK141 Auto-lifter AK-141 (foot-pedal type): 40089370
The auto-lifter is a device for automatically lifting the presser foot (by the knee). It is helpful also in standing work.
Bobbin 无回转梭心 Non-rotary bobbin
The non-rotary bobbin eliminates irregular stitches which have a tendency to occur at some sewing speeds and bobbin-thread tension fluctuations which have a tendency to occur according to the bobbin thread remaining on the hook. Since the bobbin thread is fed without rotating the bobbin, the bobbin never idles. The non-rotary bobbin requires an exclusive hook, bobbin and bobbin case.
Lubricated hook K: 23621303
The hook is effective when used in processes for sewing rigid parts of fabric with a thin needle (such as a foundation sewing process). The hook has a hard blade point which is provided with a needle guard. (applicable needle count: #8 to #10)


When you place orders

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DDL-9000B model numbering

Operation panel: CP18A, CP180A