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Direct-drive, High-speed, 1-needle, Lockstitch Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer – DDL-8700B-7

The DDL-8700B-7 is a direct-drive, high-speed, lockstitch machine with an automatic thread trimmer that sews graceful, high-quality seams on many kinds of fabric. Comes with automatic thread trimmer. The DDL-8700B-7 is an eco-friendly product which complies with JUKI ECO PRODUCTS standards for protecting the environment. The sewing machine complies with the “Juki Group Green Procurement Guidelines” on the use of hazardous substances, which is stricter than other restrictions, such as those of the RoHS Directive.

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Model name DDL-8700BS-7 DDL-8700BH-7 DDL-8700BJ-7
Application Medium-weight Heavy-weight For jeans
Max. sewing speed 5,000sti/min 4,000sti/min
Max. stitch length 4mm 5mm
Presser foot By hand: 5.5mm /
By knee: 13mm
Needle DB×1 (#14) #9~#18,
134 (Nm90)
DB×1 (#21) #19~#23,
134 (Nm130)
DB×1 (#21) #16~#23,
Feed dog 4-row
Hook Automatic-lubricating full-rotary hook
Lubrication Automatic
Lubricating oil JUKI MACHINE OIL 7 (equivalent to ISO VG7)
Automatic reverse feed function Provided as standard
Direct motor 400W
Power requirement Single-phase 200V~240V
Power consumption 250VA
Total weight Machine head: 34kg /38kg (with AK)

*”sti/min” stands for “Stitches per Minute.”

Thread trimming unit adjusting hole (Plain knife type)

Thread trimming unit adjusting hole is provided. Adjustment of the hook timing (temporary fixing) can be carried out without tilting the sewing machine.

LED light is provided as standard
A thinner LED light is provided near the needle entry area. Its illuminance can be adjusted in five step.

Touch back switch
The operator can adjust the position of the touch-back switch for easier operation according to the sewing product and other sewing conditions.

Power switch
The power switch is built into the control box to facilitate fabric placement onto the sewing machine. The ON/OFF power switch can be checked from a distance to make sure the machine is never left ON.

Direct-drive type
Since the sewing machine has no V-belt, the operator needs neither to clean up shavings from the V-belt, nor adjust the V-belt tension.

Feed-cam timing adjusting hole
The adjusting hole is provided on the top of the arm. This hole facilitates adjustment of the feed-cam timing.

Connectors can be inserted into the ports without removing the cover.

Multi-function Panel

multi-function panel

Main function Operation panels
Production support function (Bobbin thread counter,thread counter,etc.)
Automatic reverse-feed stitching (performed at start/end of sewing; selectable) 0~15
Double reverse-feed stitching (performed at start/end of sewing; selectable)
Constant-dimension sewing (performed at start/end of sewing; selectable) 0~999 stitches,
0~15 stitches
Rectangular stitching (performed at start/end of sewing; selectable) 0~99 stitches,
0~15 stitches
Multi-layer stitching 0~15stitches,
Needle up/down correction (1 stitch stroke or needle up/down according to the internal setting) (changeable between “up → down” and “down → up”)
Automatic sewing (constant-dimension sewing and the rectangular stitching can be selected)
Needle up/down compensation stitch
One shot
Soft start function on/off
Changeover the stop position between needle-up position and needle-down position
Thread trimmer on/off feature
ISS function (IT10, IT100) Available on custom order


pressor foot functions The machine has easy-to-operate functions to achieve improved operability.
By providing a presser foot with a higher lift (13mm), a light-touch stitch dial, a throat plate with marker grooves that can be used as guide for seam allowance, and other easy-to-operate functions, the burden on the operator is lightened, and productivity is further increased.
Attachment mounting seat

The machine provided as standard with attachment mounting seats.
The machine is provided as standard with extra attachment mounting seats for attachment of new auxiliary parts in the future. The extremely high durability of the seats ensures an extended service with frequent replacement of attachments.

thread trimming mechanism Reliable thread trimming mechanism.
The machine comes with a thread trimming mechanism that performs speedy and reliable thread trimming to achieve highly efficient sewing work.

The location of the hinge to prevent the sewing material from being caught by the hinge.
The hinge is located as such so as to prevent the material from being caught by it, thereby improving workability.

Sewing mechanism that demonstrates outstanding responsiveness to materials to be sewn.
By thoroughly investigating and modifying the sewing mechanisms in order to achieve low-tension sewing, the machine flexibly responds to various kinds of materials and produces beautiful seams of consistent quality.


Optional Devices

  • Thread clamp divice [Part No. : 40139555]
  • Auto-lifter AK85B (Pedal-driven) [Part No. : 40140416]

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