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Flatbed 2-3 Needle Chainstitch Machines, VF Series

Super high-speed chain stitch machine with upper metering device and fabric trimming knife that makes programmable sewing system easy. Available in various models.


  • Easy-to-use control panel allows the operator to control lace tape cutting at start and finish, change feed amount, and easily input various sewing data with “Teaching Mechanism” – up to 26 programs of 20 steps each
  • Metering device is closer to machine arm that allows easy handling fabric with wider visibility
  • Stepping motor type upper metering device – feeding amount of lace tape (up to 80mm in width) can be adjusted. Stable metering ability is achieved regardless of sewing speed.
  • Clutch type upper metering device – enables attachment of lace up to 80mm in width to the waist of women’s panties.
    Drive of upper metering device is taken out of upper shaft, which ensures stable feeding ability.
    Micro-adjuster is mounted on feed adjusting lever
    Improved lubricating function makes parts more durable
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Models & Specifications

Models VF2429G VF2529G VF2409G VF2509G
No. of Needles 2 3 2 3
No. of Thread 4 (3) 4 (5) 4 (3) 4 (5)
Spacing between Needles 2.4mm3.2mm4.0mm


4.8mm5.6mm6.4mm 2.4mm3.2mm4.0mm


Seam Length 1.4 ~ 3.6mm
Feed Adjustment System Push Button System
Differential Feed Ratio 1:2 ~ 1:0.7
Differential Feed Adjustment Lever
Pressor Foor Lift Amount 6.0mm (needle space: 6.4mm)8.0mm (needle space: 3.2mm)
Needle Stroke 31mm
Sewing Speed 5000 rpm
Top Metering System Stepping motor system Mechanical clutch system

*Special presser foot for wide lace, stitch plate, and lace guide are supplied as options

Attachable Lace Cutter

EU20 (Solenoid type) EU5 (Solenoid type) EU (Solenoid type) FC
Cutting operating system Photo-cell controlled automatic cutting at start and end of seam.Remarkably reduces tape loss. Knee switch Pedal
Max. cutting width 43mm 39mm
Distance between needle drop part & knife 49mm
(note) Max. metering width is not equal to max. cutting tape. EU20 device cannot be supplied alone.
For use without this cutter, available models are VF2429G/VF2529G

AEF-1: Automatic Elastic Tape and Lace Tape Feeder

Other additional devices

This device feeds lace into sewing position without load

AEF-7: Seam sensing type automatic tape feeder
This device buzzes when joint of elastic or lace passes on it

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