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High-Speed Elastic Ring Robot AML-550

Creating and adjusting elastic rings is made a lot easier and cheaper. Sews up elastic cords, woven materials, lace and strings into rings. Overlapping seam, butted seam.


  • Automatically stops with either needle or bobbin thread is broken
  • Automatically stops with no work supplied
  • Total counter
  • Unit number set counter
  • Thread Wiper
  • Intermediate presser foot
  • Double-size bobbin
  • RC untwisting device

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AML-550 Universal standard for forming elastic rings with materials such as elastic cords, woven materials, lace materials and strings. 720/hr (max), 36 stitches
AML-550-30 Equipped with sewing machine, which has a device at hand for programming sewing patterns. Programming device allows the creation and editing of sewing patterns. Floppy disks and EEP Rom are available for storing up to 691 patterns (with an FD)
AML-550SR Makes specially small circumferences. For baby wear or other small products. Smallest circumference: 100mm. With woven elastic 15mm overlapped. Up to 100mm width of materials. When the circumference is bigger than 200mm, max. elastic width is 30mm. 720/hr (max)
AML-550HC Equipped with a heat cut devce for the string that cuts and looses string easily. Sewn circle-shaped. 500~800/hr (max)
AML-5100 / AML-5100J Sewing machine for wide rubbers up to 100mm. Produced on orders for wide elastic and wide laces. (Machine weight for AML-5100 only / Net weight: 300kg)


 Models AML-550 AML-550SR AML-550HC AML-550-30 AML-5100 AML-5100J
Machine Head (Juki) LK192 with a direct servo-motor LK-1930 (Mitsubishi) PLK-G1010 (Juki) AMS210E
Sewing Machine Revolution 2.500r.p.m (max) 2.700r.p.m (max)
Possible Rubber Width 2.5 ~ 57mm 2.5 ~ 30mm 2.5 ~ 40mm 2.5 ~ 57mm 10 ~ 100mm
Smallest Possible Circumference 14cm~ 10cm~ 14cm~ 20cm~
Max. Overlapping Width 25mm 40mm 25mm 20mm
Measurement reeling out system pulse motor system
Pattern Memory P-ROM storing FD or SD (option) Internal Memory Smart Media
Max. numbers of patterns 63 patterns (up to 32 bytes) 691 (with FD) 520 999
Programming Device without with
Materials cutting method knife method heat cut knife method



  • CO Device – Marks rubber joints or defective points. Device automatically removes marked points
  • S-7 Device – 5-position rotary stacker (automatically stacks preset units)
  • CMC Device – Cuts the front and back with circumference of the elastic ring. Logo can be placed in optional position
  • Measures for CE – equipment for EU region (such as safety cover, emergency stop box)
  • Attachment for rolled elastic
  • Adjunctive parts for rolled elastics (Max. diametre = 300mm (for single roll), Max. width – 200mm (for bobbin roll))

Additional information

Dimensions 97 x 120 x 176 cm



Standard AC, single-phase, 100V, 110V or 440V2P available on order

Power Supply


Device Control

Sequencer Control

Air Capacity

0.5MPA (72PSI) 50L/min

Net Weight

AML 550 models = 230Kg AML-5100 models = 300Kg

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