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High-Speed Elastic Ring Robot AML-550CMC

Automated sewing unit for elastic waistband. Newest model from Techfighter, Japan.


  • Automated unit for the underwear which has logo on the elastic waistband
  • Automated measuring and cutting by position of the logo that was only possible by manual operation in the past
  • Equipped with 3 highly efficient phototubes and a refurbished control program. Difference can be read by faint colour which was not possible to read in the past
  • Adjusts positions of 3 phototubes depending on the figure and size of logo. Can also adjust the phototubes to the required position which puts a logo against the seam. After this, operating automatically is possible while cutting away the unnecessary part. Position of logo matches possible position decided by seam position.
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Tech Fighter AML logo band diagram

AML-550CMC allows you to fit to the position of where your logo is according to seam position.

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