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Automatic Spreading Machine NK-300GXN

Kawakami NK-300GXN facilitates spreading basics and providing answers to diverse needs.


  • Cutting Unit is easily attached via hooking
  • Adjustable bar weight on the catcher ensures flawless catching
  • Table revolves 180° on centre for easy loading/unloading. Makes face-to-face, nap one way spreading possible
  • Automatic feed-out & tension control
  • Continuous display shows the count of ply number during spreading. Preset stops machine once desired number is reached
  • Automatic elevation of pitcher varies according to thickness of the material


  • Speedy set-up of spreading length by length memory
  • Smooth & safe acceleration & deceleration
  • Automatic tension control
  • Automatic elevation
  • Digital ply number counter
  • Cloth-end detector
  • Roller rotation by button when threading
  • Easy access to adjuster of edge sensor
  • Cutter head travels only up to the cloth width
  • Extra feed function when cutting


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Model Max Cloth Width Table Width Machine Weight
NK-300GXN (1) 1350mm / 53″ 1580mm 150kg
NK-300GXN (2) 1600mm / 63″ 1830mm 170kg
NK-300GXN (3) 1750mm / 69″ 1980mm 185kg
NK-300GXN (4) 1950mm / 77″ 2180mm 205kg
NK-300GXN (5) 2050mm / 80″ 2280mm 215kg
NK-300GXN (6) 2150mm / 84″ 2380mm 225kg
NK-300GXN (7) 2250mm / 88″ 2480mm 235kg
NK-300GXN (8) 2350mm / 92″ 2580mm 245kg


  • Travel Speed: 80m/min
  • Piling Height: 180mm
  • Piece goods diametre: 350mm
  • Piece good weight: 60kg
  • Power AC Single Phase: 100/110/200/210/220/230/240V, 50/60Hz, 2KVA


Spreading Modes

Zig Zag Zig-Zag
Face Up Nap One Way Face Up Nap One Way
Step Face Up Nap One Way Step Face Up Nap One Way
Face to Face Nap One Way Face to Face Nap One Way
Step Face to Face One Way Step Face to Face Nap One Way

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