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KMC Series Multi-ply Auto Cutter

Superior quality multi-ply auto cutter is reliable with high speed, high quality and high efficiency.


  • KM’s cutting head has excellent cutting quality that drastically shortens overhaul maintenance
  • Knife edge is kept in sharp condition with belt-type sharpener
  • Knife edge auto-measurement sensors the exact knife width after every sharpening, hence enables precise cutting
  • Vaccuum pressure holds the fabrics at the same level during auto-cutting
  • Every necessary motion status is recorded as a report, enabling the technician to easily monitor the machine condition
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“3H” by KMC Series

High Speed KM original sharpening and know-how on knife tructure make it possible to cut at high speed
High quality Used reliable and highly accurate “Made in Japan” parts
High Efficiency Excellent production efficiency with electric power saving system & low running cost



KMC-516 / 518 / 520 / 522 Standard model, suitable to a various use Multi-ply, cutting head, 50mm cutting
KMC-616H / 618H / 620H / 622H Denim high-ply cutting effect Multi-ply, high power cutting head, 60mm
cutting height
KMC-916H / 918H / 920H / 922H Knit high-ply cutting effect Multi-ply, high power cutting head, 90mm
cutting height


Standard Equipment

  • Knife width auto measurement sensors
  • Movable PC monitor/operation
    PC table

    PC table

  • Marking drill
  • Exhaust air silencer
  • Safety stop device, sensor type
  • Auto cutting speed control
  • Recovering sheet
  • Conveyor cleaning device
  • Built-in UPS



KMC series cutter software

KM Editor software

  • Cut sequence
  • Cutting direction
  • Start-point amendment
  • Making additional points of over-cut/heel-cut
  • Notch edit
  • Auto material edge cut
  • Others


Optional Devices (please mention if you need these while making an enquiry)

  • Punch drill unit – Multiple 2/3/4/ drill puncher
  • Knife cooler
  • Knife stress cancelling
  • Signal tower
  • Long/short conveyor
  • Lateral travelling system
  • Optional stop for matching
  • Barcode reader


KMC Series Multi-ply Auto Cutter dimensions

of Cutting Area
Width of Cutting Area A B C D
2000mm 1600mm 5150mm 2200mm 3160mm 2080mm
1800mm 2400mm
2000mm 2600mm
2200mm 2800mm
3000mm 1600mm 7150mm 2200mm 4160mm 3080mm
1800mm 2400mm
2000mm 2600mm
2200mm 2800mm



Max. cutting height 50mm 60mm 90mm
Width of cutting area 1600 / 1800 / 2000 / 2200mm
Length of cutting area 2000mm / 3000mm
Cutting method Knife reciprocation
Cutting speed Cutting: 1~50m/min    / Dry haul: 1~60m/min
Drill No.1 drill (Marking drill: Φ1.5~3.0mm)
Knife sharpening Sharpening belt
Vacuum method Blower motor with inverter control
Cutting conveyor Nylon bristles
Safety stop device Sensor recognition
Power AC200V/AC380V   200V/380V   3-phase
20KW 26KW
PC for operation Universal PC, OS: Windows 7
Display 20 inches, LCD
Data entry media LAN, USB memory
Data format GBR/NC
Language Japanese, English, Chinese
Air supply 0.5Mpa, 70NL/min
Sound 75db
Weight 2500-3200kg


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