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LED-16 / LED-8 Series

LED-16 Series and LED-8 Series

  • Specially designed
  • Energy-saving
  • Space-saving and efficient
  • Does not overheat
  • Long life
  • Multiple uses

Conditions for LED-16 and LED-8 Series

  • Usable in environment temperature: 20-30°C
  • Must be installed correctly
  • Must be used with correct and stable voltage
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LED-16 Series

Bracket Magnet
 LED-16 bracket  LED-16 magnet


Model Bracket Magnet Tube
LED-16- S Standard 13.5″
M Magnet 6.5″


IAC(mA) P(W) 25cm (Lux)
36.18 1.613 900
Power AC 220V


LED-8 Series (For Servo Motor)

LED-8 accessories

IDC(mA) P(W) 25cm (Lux)
100 1.2 430
Power DC 12V

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