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Optitex 2D/3D Suite – CAD/CAM design software

Optitex O/15 streamlines multiple aspects of 2D pattern design, and introduces breakthrough innovations and improvements in 3D simulation. Now you can achieve a more life-like look for your digital designs, easier and faster than ever before. You can make more decisions while still in the digital environment, fueling creativity and saving time and cost.

Optitex’s integrated platform allows you to see every change made in 2D or 3D automatically reflected in the other as you develop your product, providing you with a smoother, more efficient workflow. Once you’ve created a 3D rendering of your design, you can leverage it again and again across multiple business processes — from product development and merchandising, all the way through sales and marketing.

Create fewer samples and save on fabric wastage, increase precision and uniformity of your product line’s fit, and drastically shorten it’s time-to-market with a 360° view of your design before production.

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Get to market faster, at less cost, with an efficient pattern making suite that optimizes how you work with patterns at every step of the development cycle. More than 27,000 pattern makers worldwide already use Optitex Pattern Making suite to save time and cost, improve and speed up decision making, and support more creative and iterative design.
Pattern Making

Pattern Design Software (PDS)
Optitex Pattern Design Software (PDS) is the core of the Pattern Making Suite. With intuitive and powerful software tools for working with patterns at every step of your production cycle, it eliminates hundreds of manual steps in the design process.

  • Tailor the work environment to your individual needs
  • Visualize the measurements on different styles
  • Gain control over internal features
  • Import or scan fabric definitions while drafting and editing pieces
  • Walk a pattern while you correct the shape, add or adjust details
  • Import patterns with every layer intact
  • Automatically compare and update line length of multiple
    pattern segments
  • Supports the widest range of plotters, cutters, digitizers, etcor adjust details
  • Import/export files from/to most CAD systems and formats —
    DXF, AAMA, ASTM, and others
  • Windows-based system
  • Training time measured in days vs. weeks
  • Click anywhere to see context sensitive menus
  • Hover over a tool to see its hot key, or over a line to see its center point
  • Automatically see guidelines and measurement data when moving a point
  • Walk grading – Improve balance for perfect grading and check the base size and all other sizes at the same time
  • Enhanced fold-in/fold-out functionality, including options for dealing with internal lines and button placement
  • Dynamic measurement charts – Connect patterns to measurement charts for automated updating, and enjoy more efficient grading

Rapidly generate digital copies of garments by outlining patterns or even cloth pieces. Digitize complicated pieces in seconds.

Optitex grade
Quickly adjust patterns to fit the entire size range of your products – including complex size variations.

  • Fine-tune control of each size with responsive grading
  • Simultaneously grade different pieces and values

Marker Making

Automatic Nesting
Save fabric, time and labor, with automated, intelligent nesting optimization

  • Basic (Nest++) – Save valuable time over manual nesting with basic automated nesting
  • Advanced (Nest++2) – Raise efficiency by up to 2.5% compared to using Nest++
  • Professional (Nest++Pro) – Increase efficiency up to 3.5% higher than possible with Nest++ (includes Auto-Compaction and MultiCore modules)
  • Achieve the maximum material efficiency in each marker
  • Control the application’s runtime for faster results
  • Schedule “nesting queues” that generate multiple nests automatically overnight in unattended operation
  • Obtain precise cost proposals for clients, during price negotiations
  • View data in spreadsheet format for easy comparison of efficiency, marker lengths, widths, and process times

Powerful new features and capabilities

  • Export marker data in ASTM XML format
  • Easily integrate customized plug-ins (PDM/ PLM system, etc.)
  • Effortlessly calculate splices using the automated Optimized Splicing tool
  • Print barcodes for piece descriptions, reports, and other information (optional add-on)




  • Optimize each order by calculating the minimal required number of tables
  • Integrate different styles, sizes, colors, and fabrics in a single cut plan
  • Generate detailed spreading information for multi-colored orders
  • Accurately project and calculate order production costs
  • Streamline workflows with end-to-end visibility of cutting room operation
  • Incorporate Automatic Nesting for maximum marker efficiency
Roll Management

Align complex images on fabrics with the Match ++ optional module. Incorporating Match ++ with Automatic Nesting lets you quickly, efficiently and precisely nest fabric pieces that have virtually any design.

Roll Management (Optional add-on)

Integrate stock room data into your cut room order

  • Automatically assign individual rolls of different widths to specific markers
  • Optimize fabric inventory utilization in line with priorities, such as old stock, minimum wastage, and more
  • Ensure your cut order is synchronized with current fabric stocks


MARKER MAKING SUITE – The complete solution for fast, easy and accurate marker making
Boost your business excellence by eliminating complexity from your marker making workflow. With the Marker Making Suite, you can accurately calculate the cost to fulfill any customer order, and dramatically reduce material costs with highly efficient, automatic nesting.

Dramatically reduce marker making complexity, time, and waste:

  • Control and group placement of pieces on the marker by virtually any attribute
  • Place restrictions on markers such as fabric types and orientation of pieces
  • Place, select, rotate, and flip pieces at will, even along the fold
  • Work in manual or fully automated mode
  • Generate a report of material usage and cost calculations for each run for export to Excel
  • Automatically mark around unusable sections of materials while maximizing usage of remaining materials
  • Create new sizes and support complex variation grading
  • Use the shortest possible cut route with automatic selection of optimal start point and cutting sequence
  • Improve quality control by activating cutting direction constraints (clockwise or counter-clockwise)
  • Reduce cut time and increase cutter life with automatic single cutting of shared cut lines

Save time and fuel creativity with powerful and flexible 3D visualization of your designs. With 3D Sampling Suite, you can turn your flat patterns into 3D models and immediately see the results of any changes to the pattern. Gain insight into how adjustments in style, fit, color, fabric type, and design features will affect the final sewn product, and make more decisions while still in the design environment.

3D Creator – See true-to-life 3D models
Optitex 3D

  • Create a virtually unlimited number of body types by adjusting dozens of measurements
  • Build a library of custom models
  • Ensure consistent measurements compared to a human fit model
  • Select body posture positions
  • View style colorways and define print placement for fabrics, textures, stitches, buttons, and logos, with limitless samples
  • Eliminate styles early to perfect the season’s styles, with line planning
  • Incorporate buttons and zippers as actual 3D objects with life-like behavior
  • Share 3D samples with anyone with a free 3D viewer
  • See how changes to the 3D model afect the 2D pattern using the optional
    3D Digitizer module
  • “Peel off” parts of a product modeled in 3D and create them as a 2D pattern merchandising, allowing users to create 3D catalogs easily and professionally.

New, advanced features and capabilities

  • Natural-looking pleats – Pleats in 2D patterns are simulated in 3D, with extra fabric automatically added to create drapes
  • Authentic collars, cuffs, and closures – With user-defined fold lines
  • Integrated rigid parts – Import realistic-looking buckles, straps, zippers, and other rigid 3D parts into the 3D simulation
  • More true-to-life 3D models – With improved collision handling, natural fabric appearance and behavior, decorative stitch appearance, and improved stitch rigidity force
  • Smart stitching – Reduces stitch operations by up to 50%, for a faster and simpler workflow
  • Dynamic 2D to 3D updates – Enables layer-by-layer assembly and supports a more iterative design process Export as FBX – Convert to FBX format for export to any third-party rendering software

3D Flattener
Optitex automotive

An advanced 3D module, Flattener provides the automotive, aeronautics and aerospace industries the ability to extract flattened geometry from complex 3D shapes and quickly turn them into usable pattern pieces for anything from engine covers to car seat upholstery. The compression wear and swimwear industries have also learned how to use Flattener to make skin-tight pieces quickly by simply drafting shapes around a 3D model and making flat patterns.

Efficiently and accurately design form-fitting garments

  • Apply stretch prior to creating the pieces to precisely match body dimensions and fabric
  • Ideal for tight-fitting garments like wetsuits

3D Digitizer – Design and correct styles in 3D

  • Alter 2D patterns by marking the 3D pattern draped on a virtual mannequin
  • Add/remove internal elements and make alterations on the 3D or 2D pattern, and see them both 2D and 3D

Enriched Samples Library
Optitex library
Utilize a richer array of ready-to-use images and samples, including:
• More than 40 fabrics, 10 avatars, and 180 elements (trims, buttons, etc.)
• Built-in animations and poses
• More fully graded and stitched pattern samples


Data Exchange

Optitex has the most flexible CAD system for sewn products on the market tpday and ssures full communication. Ability to import from 10 of the most popular file formats plus the ability to export to more than 20 file formats. Easy-to-use direct converters save time by eliminating data transfer difficulties.

Case Studies

  1. CYC The Custom Shop shortens paper pattern making from 3 days to half a day

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