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Semi-dry-head, High-speed, Overlock / Safety Stitch Machine – MO-6800D Series

The needle bar mechanism and upper looper mechanism have been redesigned to require no lubrication. The frequency of stain removal or re-sewing is reduced. JUKI’s dry technology has been adopted for the MO-6800S which produces seams of delicate quality and feel as well as achieves excellent cost-effectiveness. This is a semi-dry head overlock machine with the dry mechanism which eliminates oil-splashing problem. As a result, oil stains on the sewn products are eliminated.

Oil stains on the sewing product are eliminated

  • Oil splashes are substantially reduced to eliminate oil stains on sewing products, thereby upgrading the finished quality.
  • The frequency of stain removal or re-sewing is reduced.
  • The machine achieves a practical maximum sewing speed of 7,000sti/min

Cutting-edge dry technology for achieving a lubrication-free mechanism

  • The needle bar mechanism and upper looper mechanism have been re-designed to require no lubrication.
  • The most-advanced dry technologies, such as the special surface treatment applied to the major drive unit and the grease feeding method, contribute to higher durability. The machine does not splash oil after a long-period of use. The grease filler openings are newly provided for the sewing machine on two locations, i.e., one on the upper looper component and the other on the sewing machine frame, thereby improving maintainability.

Standard features

  • Dry-head, intelligent direct-drive sewing machine
  • Automatic thread trimmer
  • Differential feed

Suitable for shorts, t-shirts, dress shirts, polo shirts, one-piece dresses, skirts, trousers and brassiere.

The sewing machine complies with the “Juki Group Green Procurement Guidelines” on the use of hazardous substances, which is stricter than other restrictions, such as those of the RoHS Directive.



Model name MO-6804D MO-6814D MO-6816D MO-6843D
Stitch type 1-needle overlock 2-needle overlock Safety stitching 3-needle safety stitching
Max. sewing speed 7,000sti/min
Stitch length 0.6~3.8mm
Needle gauge 2.0mm 3.0mm,
Overedging width 4.0mm 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm 4.0mm,
3 .0mm
Differential feed ratio Gathering 1:2 , Stretching 1:0.7
Needle DC×27 (excluding some subclass model)
Bottom differential feed ratio Gathering 1:2 , Stretching 1:0.7
Needle bar stroke 24.5mm
Inclination angle of the needle 20°
Needle mechanism Needle bar method and upper/lower bushing
Needle DC×27 (excluding some subclass model)
Max. lift of the presser foot 7mm (excluding some subclass model)
Max. presser foot pressure 63.7N (6.5kgf)
Stitch adjusting method By push-button
Differential-feed adjusting method By lever (with micro-adjustment)
Weight of the machine head 28kg
Lubrication Automatic (The needle bar mechanism and upper looper mechanism do not require lubrication.)
Lubricating oil JUKI Machine Oil 18 (equivalent to ISO VG18)
Needle cooler Option
Needle thread heat remover Option
Micro-lifter Provided as standard

Devices & Attachments

Model Part No. Description
Chain-off thread trimming device
T053 70000081 Pneumatic flat cutter
T054 70000082 Pneumatic side cutter (for overlock machine)
Pneumatic chain-off thread suction device
MC904 / MC907 70000083 / 70000102 Specific to chain-off thread, pedal-operated clutch motor / servo motor
MC905 / MC908 70000084 / 70000103 MC904 / MC907 + Air type auto-lifter clutch motor / servo motor
MC906 / MC909 70000085 / 70000104 Pneumatic chain-off thread + cloth chips clutch motor / servo motor
MC910 / MC911 70000106 / 70000107 MC906 / MC909 + Air type auto-lifter clutch motor / servo motor
Combination table of “chain-off thread suction device” and “auto-lifer” which correspond to “chain-off thread trimming device”.

Chain-off thread trimming device + Chain-off thread suction device Auto-lifter
T053 or T054 MC904 / MC907 Clutch motor / servo motor
MC905 / MC908 Air type auto-lifter clutch motor / servo motor
MC906 / MC909 Clutch motor / servo motor
MC910 / MC911 Air type auto-lifter clutch motor / servo motor
Gathering device
S206 70000089 Swing-type gathering device (interlocked with pedal / for overlock machine) The attachment opens with the presser foot pedal. This facilitates material setting on the machine. Furthermore, knee-control type differential-feed adjusting device is built in the attachment. It controls a differential-feed ratio as desired, thereby enabling the operator to make beautiful gathers.
S207 70000090 Swing-type gathering device (interlocked with pedal / for safety stitch machine)(DF6)
S208 70000091 Swing-type gathering device (interlocked with pedal / for safety stitch machine) (FF6)
Guide, tape guide
H253 40159861 Cloth edge guide ruler (for overlock machine) A swing type edge guide.
H254 40159862 Cloth edge guide ruler (for safety stitch machine)
Q143 40159863 Tape guide – This attachment is used attached on the machine head (face plate). It is used for tapes with the width of 7mm or less.
Feller, Binder
N080 70000095 Reinforcement tape attachment binder – This binder binds the edge of a pocket bag while cutting round its periphery.
Optional Devices
40159749 Micro-lifter – The micro-lifter is suited to fine adjustments of the lifting amount of the presser foot so as to prevent puckering.
R040 70000098 Tape holder – Table-mounting type tape folder
Z065 70000092 Square upper knife (for overlock machine)
Z067 70000093 Square upper knife (for safety stitch machine)


Model No. Materials No. of needles No. of threads Needle
Overedging width No.
of feed
dog rows
Bottom differential feed ratio Presser
1-needle overlock – For runstitching in general fabric
(Suitable for under shirts, T-shirts, trousers, one-piece dresses, skirts & blouses)
MO-6804D-0E4-30H L~M 1 3 4.0 2 3.8 1:0.7~1:2 6.0 DCx27 #11 7000
2-needle overlock – For runstitching in general fabric
(Suitable for under shirts, polo shirts, T-shirts, trousers, one-piece dresses, skirts & sportswear)
MO-6814D-BD6-30H L~M 2 4 2.0 3.0 3 3.8 1:0.7~1:2 5.5 DC×27 #11 7,000
MO-6814D-BE6-40H M~H 4.0 7.0 6,500
L~M 2.0 5.0 7,000
4.0 5.0
For tape attaching – G44: Tape attaching presser foot   Q143: Tape guide
(Suitable for under shirts, knit shirts, polo shirts, T-shirts, one-piece dresses, sportswear & pyjamas)
MO-6814D-BD6 24H/G44/Q143 L~M 2 4 2.0 3.0 3 3.8 1:0.7~1:2 5.5 DC×27 #9 7,000
MO-6814D-BE6 24H/G44/Q143 4.0
MO-6814D-BE6 34H/G44/Q143 DC×27 #11
MO-6814D-BE6 44H/G44/Q143 M~H 7.0 DC×27 #14 6,500
Safety stitching – For runstitching in general fabric
(Suitable for suits, coats, jumpers, trousers, one-piece dresses, skirts, sportswear, dress shirts, blouses & jeans)
MO-6816D-DE4-30H L~M 2 5 3.0 4.0 2 3.8 1:0.7~1:2 5.5 DC×27 #11 7,000
MO-6816D-FF6-50H M~H 5.0 3 7.0 DC×27 #16 6,500
L~M 4.0 2 5.5 DC×27 #11 7,000
3-needle safety stitching
(Suitable for one-piece dresses, polo shirts, knit shirts & sportswear)
MO-6843D-1D6-40H M~H 3 6 5.0+2.0 3.0 3 3.8 1:0.7~1:2 5.5 DC×27 #11 7,000

*”sti/min” stands for “Stitches per Minute


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