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SmartMRT Leather Cutting System

SmartMRT Leather Cutting System adopts a highly advanced, high-definition full-color leather contour detector that can scan precisely for irregular contours, defects and other information. This makes it highly suitable for automatically nesting. Equipped with the most optimized cutting program, it has a unique three-stage conveyor table which maximizes cutting performance, hence reducing the amount of labour work. SmartMRT Leather Cutting System has a higher energy efficiency and cutting performance than traditional leather cutting equipment, with more than 120% increase in productivity.


  • High definition, full colour leather contour detecting system
    Precision high-speed scanning of leather patterns. Leather information – including leather pattern perimeter, area, defects and other information – is collected from about 55 feet in 45 seconds. Complete automatic image processing system includes scanning, correcting, leather’s original condition and automatic nesting. Machine uses a fixed light source scanning mode which is not affected by the impact of external light sources, hence it does not affect data accuracy of the leather. Machine can be used in environments that are dark or bright.
  • Reliable production order management system
    Aspects of the entire pipeline of the production order management system can be customized according to different production workflow models with these functions – modify, delete, take on additional orders, real-time clinical control module – can select and tweak more than 1 of these functions at a time during any given pipeline operation, thus maximising pipeline efficiency.
  • Conveyor Table
    Unlike traditional cutting systems, this unique and highly efficient 3-stage conveyor table embraces all-in-one functions which include leather test, leather pattern extraction, nesting, cutting, material pick-up. Entire pipeline can be optimised depending on the cutting requirements.
  • Fully automatic operation
    The whole assembly line runs professionally automatically, easing the whole process of detecting to cutting without the need for additional labour that is common in manual cutting operations.

Applicable industries: Upholstery, automotive, bags, apparel


Cutting Workflow

  1. Leather testing
  2. Marking of defects
  3. Automatic leather pattern scanning
  4. Automatic irregular nesting
  5. Precise, high-speed cutting

Standard / Optional Devices

  • AGCO CUT SERVER Cloud Control Center
  • AGCO super automatic layout system
  • AGCO modular customized solutions
  • AGCO regional adsorption system
  • AGCO automatic outline recognition system
  • AGCO automatic tool setting system
  • AGCO automatic feeding system
  • AGCO Motion Control System

Top view

Traditional leather cutting machines SmartMRT Leather Cutting System
Feed-in At the cutting zone, cutting of fabric produces a lot of friction, thus spreading of the fabric is more difficult. Automatic feeding of the leather part at the feed zone. Conveyor belt automatically motions the leather to the scan area. Can be done by one operator.
Nesting 1. Manual Nesting: Requires the help of a projector to aid in placing the patterns, hence nesting is longer.

2. Automatic Nesting: A high-altitude camera is erected to scan leather. Result can be poor accuracy,thus requires additional light source.

Automatic scanning and automatic nesting without the need for manual operation.
Cutting Cutting device serves a single function. During nesting, cutting cannot be used. This makes the device inefficient. Cutting and scanning operates in harmony, without disturbing each other. The scanning unit runs alone during during scanning, nesting and other operations.
Pick-Up Processed material must be picked up before the next material can be fed in. As a stand-alone unit pipeline platform, the machine can operate can different functions on different leathers at the same time without interference.


Timeline 0m 5m 10m 15m 20m 25m 30m 33m


5 Mins 5 Mins 5 Mins 5 Mins 5 Mins 5 Mins 3 Mins
1st leather Feeding, Scanning, Nesting Cutting Feed-in
2nd leather Feeding, Scanning, Nesting Cutting Feed-in
3rd leather Feeding, Scanning, Nesting Cutting Feed-in
4th leather Feeding, Scanning, Nesting Cutting Feed-in
5th leather Feeding, Scanning, Nesting Cutting Feed-in


01 1.AGCO automatic outline recognition system

Quick record of each leather shape, size, defects and other data points.

2. AGCO super nesting system

Maximizes leather utilisation, thus efffectively reduces unnecessary waste.

 03 3. AGCO 2nd generation EOT

High-frequency electrical power, perfect cut edges.

4. AGCO Motion Control System

A result of Sino-US research, the CUTTER SERVER control center ensures smooth-flowing cutting process which creates a more efficient operational process.

 05 5. IR blocking device

Ensures safety of both operator and material.

6. Regional adsorption function

Can adjust and select vacuum range depending on material type.

 07 7. In-feed colour-contrast belt

Strong friction prevents unnecessary movement of materials, thus improves cutting accuracy and pattern contour recognition.