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SmartMRT Ultra High Speed Inkjet Plotter

Accurate plotting of life-size patterns. Lasts up to 5 times longer than similar products. Suitable for the manufacturing of garments, shoes, bags, furniture and more! Seamlessly integrates with most textile 2D/3D CAD/CAM software.


  • High-speed servo control
  • Manages printing tasks independently and queue incoming files automatically
  • Automatic paper width detection
  • No-ink and no-paper alarms
  • Pens down and plots accurately
  • Memorises original coordinates automatically
  • Accurately memorises position of present plotting should machine ever stop
  • Real-time information of every step of motion


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Model SMC200-2 SMC220-2 SMC240-2
Inkjet Head HP Thermal Inkjet (600dpi), requires no special maintenance
Printing Resolution 300 – 600dpi (Best mode: 600dpi / Draft mode: 300dpi)
Scanning Speed 135sqm/hr, 300-600dpi
Plotting Quality Precise, smooth and consistent, leaving no gap between continuous sections
Software Compatibility HGPL
Paper Feed System Accurate digital tracking of paper feed of 3000m long and above
Paper Feed Mode Feeds paper automatically or manually. Able to plot on most paper types. Overnight plotting is possible.
Structure of Machine Solid, rigid metal that is hard-wearing. Lasts up to 5 times longer than other similar products.
Machine Dimensions
(L x H x W)
240cm x 150cm x 55cm 260cm x 150cm x 55cm 280cm x 150cm x 55cm
Max. Width of Paper 180cm 200cm 220cm
Max. Plotting & Cutting Width 165cm 185cm 205cm
Power 90-264VAC, 50Hz
Paper Type Ordinary paper types
Communication Port USB (must be connected to computer)
Control Panel Easy-to-use digital touchpad

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