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Top Cut 6-8-9 Fast Revolution

Made in Italy, this automatic fabric cutting machine runs on eco-power, increases cutting speed and shortens production cycle time, unlike intense manual cutting.


  • Cuts through medium to thick ply of fabrics
  • Average electrical consumption of 5.5 – 7.5KW
  • Automatic conveyor cutter
  • Automatic blade flexion control ‘Mectronic Blade Sense’ system
  • Easy & safe programming with ‘SmartCut’ and ‘SmartCut Office’
  • Customer service by wireless network
  • Patented bristle brushes with self-cleaning system
  • For technical fabrics: vortech system (double jet compressed air-3°)
  • Patented sharpening blade system


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Automatic conveyor cutting system provided with 6-8-9 cm cutting head for medium and high volume production. See technical reference below:

Working Area (cm)
(Width x Length)
180 x 170 200 x 170 220 x 170 180 x 240 200 x 240 220 x 240 240 x 170
Dimensions (cm)
(L x W x H)
470 x 290 x 220 470 x 310 x 220 470 x 330 x 220 560 x 290 x 220 560 x 310 x 220 560 x 330 x 220 470 x 350 x 220
Weight (kg) 2880 2960 3040 3220 3300 3380 3160
Installed Power (kw) 13 16
Ave. Consumption (kw) 5.5 7.5
Power Supply Tension 400V + – 10%
Max. compressed lay height (cm) 6 / 8 / 9

“Fast Revolution” is capable of accelerating working cycles through both speed and productivity. Applying a mix of technical characteristics and innovative materials enables to reach cutting performances never achieved before even with particularly difficult materials.

“Ecopower“ intelligent vacuum management for low power consumption

“Mectronics Blade Sense”, automatic knife deflection correction

“EVO CUT”: the simple and intuitive Software makes all cutting parameters setting fast and safe

 “Vortec” Refrigerated 0°C – 6°C. Knife Cooling System for technical textiles/synthetics
Remote technical assistance, via WEB, that ensures just in time total and constant support to the operator, thus allowing working in complete peace of mind.

*Special configuration on request. Contact us for more information


Optional Devices

Plastic recover Helps saves energy. The cutter can work without but it uses more electricity.​
Refrigerated air cooling device -3°C air jet to cool the knife and reduce material fusing. Recommended for synthetic materials.​
Fast Revolution Includes knife intelligence to rectify knife deflection and increase productivity.
Drill For making holes in the fabric used as reference points.
Automatic cover lift Automatically opens the cutting head cover for easy inspection/maintenance.
Motorised transfer It is needed when the autocutter needs to transfer from one spreading table to another, thus enhancing productivity.​

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