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1. General

    1. The validity, legality or enforceability of any part of these terms and conditions will be unaffected by the invalidity, illegality or dis-enforceability of any individual part of these term and conditions.
    2. The terms and conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Singapore Law.
    3. All pictures displayed are a representation of the item and may vary for the image displayed. Colours of the products displayed on screen may not be accurate to the physical products received in person.
    4. Singapore Machinery Co. Pte. Ltd. does not disclose the Customer’s information to third parties other than when order details are processed as part of the order fulfilment. In this case, the third party will not disclose any of the details to any other third party.
    5. Singapore Machinery Co. Pte. Ltd. reserves the rights to change the terms and conditions stated here without prior notice.
    6. You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any portion of the Service, use of the Service, or access to the Service or any contact on the website through which the service is provided, without express written permission by Singapore Machinery Co. Pte. Ltd.

2. Copyrights and Trademarks

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3. Pricing

    1. All prices are in USD currency unless stated otherwise.
    2. For the goods that do not have a price, please click on the”Enquire Now 即刻咨询” button to contact us for a quotation.
    3. Singapore Machinery Co. Pte Ltd reserves the right to change the prices without prior notice at any time.

4. Payment

    1. For payment of goods that are available for direct purchase on the website, purchase is made through Paypal.
    2. The accepted modes of payment include: T/T in Advance, Letter of Credit, Bank Transfer or Cash.
    3. If full payment is not made, Singapore Machinery Co. Pte. Ltd. reserves the right not to ship the product to the Customer.
    4. All prices are subjected to goods & services tax relevant to the country of origin where the order is made.

5. Warranty

    1. Warranty is only available for selected machinery and not available for spare parts and accessories.
    2. Warranty period differs for each product. Please check with us for warranty details before making a purchase.
    3. The warranty does not apply to any product that has been subjected by accident, misuse, alteration, abuse, negligence, misapplication, improper maintenance or wear and tear.
    4. The Customer shall bear the cost of returning the goods to Singapore Machinery Co. Pte. Ltd.

6. Liability & Returns

    1. A signature on the delivery order constitutes that all products have been received in good order. Any defect in the quality, quantity and condition of the goods should be indicated upon the receipt of the delivered goods.
    2. Singapore Machinery Co. Pte. Ltd will inspect the product(s) returned and if the defect is identified, the Customer may either replace the product(s) at no additional cost or obtain a full refund of the price of the product(s). Singapore Machinery Co. Pte. Ltd will have no further liability to the Customer.
      Notwithstanding any other provisions, Singapore Machinery Co. Pte. Ltd’s total liability in contract, tort (including negligence or breach of statutory duty), misrepresentation, restitution or otherwise, arising in connection with the performance or contemplated performance of the contract shall be limited to the contract price; and Singapore Machinery Co. Pte. Ltd shall not be liable to the Customer for any pure economic loss, loss of profit, loss of business, depletion of goodwill or otherwise, in each case whether direct, indirect or consequential, or any claims for consequential compensation whatsoever (howsoever caused) which arise out of or in connection with the contract.
    3. Singapore Machinery Co. Pte. Ltd. shall not be responsible for consequential damages resulting from the use of the product by the Customer or any third party.
    4. By not refusing the delivered goods upon inspection would mean that the Customer is satisfied with the condition of goods delivered.
    5. Customer will be required to pay for the goods in full as if delivered.
    6. The Customer shall bear the cost of returning the product(s) to Singapore Machinery Co. Pte. Ltd.

7. Order/ Back Order

    1. Singapore Machinery Company Pte Ltd reserves the right to decline to trade or accept any order with any company or person.
    2. Orders of machinery are to be made via the “Enquire Now 即刻咨询” button or our contact form.When confirmation of an order is received, this indicates that Singapore Machinery Company Pte Ltd has received the Customer’s order.
    3. The order will only be confirmed when the Customer receives an invoice sent by Singapore Machinery Company Pte Ltd. If the product is no longer available, Singapore Machinery Company Pte Ltd will seek to offer the Customer a suitable alternative or pre-order for the Customer.
    4. If the good the Customer is ordering is not in stock, Singapore Machinery Company Pte Ltd will back order the goods for the Customer and quote an estimated delivery date or offer a suitable alternative if the item is no longer available.
    5. The Customer will always be emailed with the option to cancel their order if they do not accept the new delivery date or the alternative item offered is not acceptable.

8. Delivery/ Freight/ Shipping/ Insurance

    1. International shipping is available. Delivery / Handling Charges varies among regions, countries, weight and speed.
    2. To opt for custom delivery, please contact us for more details.
    3. All freight and insurance charges are the responsibility of the Customer unless otherwise agreed by Singapore Machinery Co. Pte. Ltd. and the Customer in writing. Singapore Machinery Co. Pte. Ltd. shall not be liable for failure to deliver or perform, occasioned by causes beyond its control

9. Force Majeure
Non-delivery of all or any part of the merchandise caused by war, blockage, revolution, insurrection, civil commotions, riots, mobilization,strikes, lockouts, act of God, severe weather, plague or other epidemic, destruction of goods by fire or flood, obstruction of loading by storm or typhoon at the port of delivery, or any other cause beyond Singapore Machinery Co. Pte. Ltd’s control before shipment shall operate as a cancellation of the sale to the extent of such non-delivery. However, in case the merchandise has been prepared and ready for shipment before shipment deadline but the shipment could not effected due to any of the above mentioned causes, the Customer shall extend the shipping deadline by means of amending relevant I/C or otherwise upon the request of the Singapore Machinery Co. Pte. Ltd.

10. Consultation

    1. Consultation regarding any of our product is free except professional consultancy under Singapore Sewing Machine Trading Company Pte Ltd (appointment booking needed).
    2. Customers may choose to email us via the contact form. Please ensure that your email is correct or else we will not be able to reply your enquiry.
    3. For immediate assistance, please contact us at: +65 6284 1050.

11. Cancellation

      1. If a mistake was made with your order after you have submitted it to the site, please contact us immediately within 24 hours. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to amend your order in accordance with your instructions.To cancel an order, please contact us at: +65 6284 1050 or email us.
      2. An order cannot be cancelled once it is dispatched.

12. Installation & Training

    1. We can help our customers with installation of the machinery, and provide you with training for every product shown in this site.
    2. We also offer training through these options:
        1. Skype
        2. Teamviewer (for direct remote access to your computer for software issues)
        3. Webinars
        4. Email
        5. Telephone
        6. Mobile Apps (Whatsapp, WeChat)
        7. In-person (travel and accommodation reimbursements are to be paid by the customer if customer is based overseas)

      No travel reimbursement payments are needed for web-based support. Travel and accomodation reimbursements are to be paid by the customer if on-site installation and/or training is required.

13. Complaints & Feedback

    1. We place great value on our customer satisfaction. We will attempt to address your concerns as soon as reasonably possible and will contact you on receipt of any relevant enquiry or complaint.
    2. In some cases, the manufacturer must be involved, and as such it may take longer to resolve such an enquiry or complaint.
    3. In the event of a complaint it will help us if you can describe the object of your complaint as accurately as possible and, where applicable, send us copies of the Order, photos of the defects or at least the order number that we assign you in the Acknowledgement or Confirmation of Order.
    4. Should you not have received any reaction from us within 3 business days, please call us at +65 62841050. In rare cases, your emails may be caught up in our spam filters or not reach us, or correspondence that we send to you may otherwise not have reached you.
    5. For more details, email us or call us at +65 2841050.